DreamCast: Killed In a Dream

The woman I’m in love with was sick, and then I dreamed that she died. I felt awful and was very sad about the dream for several days. Recently, she had a dream that she and another one of our close friends had to kill me. They killed me by cutting my throat and I had a slow death in the dream.

To make it worse, my daughter was attached to my body, so by killing me it killed her as well. She also felt awful about the dream. My friend and I are not together as a couple, although at one time I thought we would be. But now I’ve come to realize we will only be friends. She is a Scorpio and has made up her mind that this is what’s best for her, and for me as well, I guess. What do you think these dreams mean? Do you think the dreams mean our relationship will end altogether? Do you think I should just take it as a sign of the end of how we were, and as a new beginning to our relationship as friends?

Signed: Carli in Corona

Hello Carli,

Your interpretation of your dream is spot on. Dreaming of your friend’s death indicates your relationship has died, at least on a romantic level. Her dream of murdering you may reveal some guilt on her part for hurting your feelings. Also, your slow death in the dream may indicate she’s concerned that you may prolong the death of your hope of getting together as more than friends. It’s interesting that she slit your throat, which brings to mind the saying “hard to swallow.” Her decision to be only friends may be hard for you to swallow, or accept. The throat is also linked with speech, and her attack on your throat cuts off any expressions of romance you may have shared with her. As for your daughter being attached to your body, perhaps your friend knew you wanted her to be part of your family, which would have been a bond with your daughter. Now that probably won’t happen, so her connection with your daughter has been severed. Fortunately, you seem to be on the road to accepting your friend’s decision about your relationship, and by doing so, you’ll open a door to a new relationship in the near future.

Sweet dreams,

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