DreamCast: Flying Dreams

For years as a child, I dreamt I was flying in the sky, looking down on the green hills and land below – very seldom houses. Does it mean I wanted to escape my life? To this day, I still think about it!


Sue in Sarasota, Florida

Flying dreams are memorable experiences indeed! That heady feeling of soaring over vistas can leave you with an exquisite sense of freedom. Flying dreams often depict our astral travels while we’re asleep, which is most likely what was happening with you during your dreams. You were literally out of your physical body, and having adventures. On a symbolic level, flying can represent the need to escape – or rise above – the challenges of everyday life. Not surprisingly, flying can also be a source of spiritual inspiration. We seem to be closer to a higher power when we’re soaring above the earth. The fact that you still think about these childhood dreams suggests they can empower you now to reconnect with your spiritual side, which isn’t constrained by the material world.

Sweet dreams,

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