DreamCast: Pretending Things Are Fine

I was sitting at a very large table (it looked like it was set for a holiday). Most of my family was there. My aunt is normally a very good cook, but in my dream she served us rice, and for some reason it wasn’t cooked. Everyone was talking and eating it like it was normal, but the rice was uncooked and hard. I tried to keep chewing and pretend like everything was fine.


Sparkles in Los Angeles

Hello Sparkles,

What a unique dream! Let me ask you, is there something going on in your family that everyone pretends isn’t there? Maybe something connected to your aunt? It seems you’re noticing that something is off, but you don’t want to say anything. Holidays are a celebration (usually) and food is nourishment, however, the uncooked rice may symbolize a negative undercurrent in the family. Does rice mean anything specific to you? It’s a basic staple in some cultures. In your dream, it might symbolize a shaky family foundation. On the other hand, rice might have a completely different meaning for you. Uncooked food could also symbolize feeling unprepared (for family life, perhaps), or a family tradition that you can’t “digest” (it just doesn’t work for you). Think about your family and its traditions and emotional issues, and then analyze any feelings and thoughts that emerge. The good part is, you are aware of everything going on…

Sweet dreams,

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