DreamCast: A Roller Coaster Without Seat Belts

I was at the fair on the roller coaster ride, but there were no seat belts and I was concerned for my little granddaughter, Emily, being so small. My mum sat Emily on her knee and told me she would be alright, and I felt fine with that. (Funny, because my mum would never go on the fair.) My dad just smiled and nodded. The roller coaster set off.


I woke up and felt a strange sense of comfort. My mum died nearly three years ago and my dad just one year ago. I repeatedly have this dream and try to change it so I can talk to them, but I can’t. Are they trying to tell me something?


Denise in Liverpool, England

Hello Denise,

Lately, have you been feeling that life is full of too many surprises? Your parents, whether they’re symbols or actually speaking to you from the afterlife, are telling you that you’ll do just fine through life’s ups and downs. You’re especially concerned for your granddaughter, but it seems your parents are looking out for her. It’s intriguing that you’ve been trying to speak with them in your dreams. That’s actually a lucid dream technique. A lucid dream is when you know you are dreaming within the dream, and thus able to take control of what’s happening. That includes talking with your dream characters. If you keep trying to “wake up” within your dreams, you may eventually get the answers you seek by communicating with your parents.

Sweet dreams,

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  1. Amber Klundt

    I have this dream where I get on a roller coaster with a stranger next to me they put on they’re shoulder harness on and as I do the same the ride starts with out my harness strapped down so during the ride I have to hold on to the harness while going through the twists and turns it’s going at a even pace and I’m able to leverage my body where I can hold on and I’m not scared . However I’ve had this same kind of dream repeatedly in my life.


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