DreamCast: Chased by a Wolf

Lee Ann in Elk Grove, California writes:

I’ve has this dream where my husband (whom I’m separated from) is being chased by a wolf, his favorite animal. The animal is just about to attack and I’m trying to stop it, but just as I am about to be successful, I wake up. Now I have no idea what has happened or what it means. I was so terrified and thinking it is was really happening, that I jumped out of bed looking everywhere for my husband. It took a few minutes for me to realize it was a dream and my husband wasn’t there.

Hello Lee Ann,

Your dream husband could represent your real husband, your marriage, or the male (assertive, logical) part of you. The wolf is a threat that’s unexpected because it’s your husband’s favorite animal. It brings to mind a wolf in sheep’s clothing — something that appears harmless but is, in fact, dangerous.

Let’s apply this symbol to your husband first. Is he showing another side of himself since your separation (or a side of himself that prompted you to leave him), to the extent that you feel you don’t know him anymore? Or perhaps it’s your marriage you’re trying to “save,” that is, put back together the way it was before. If your dream husband is a part of you, it may be that you feel threatened when taking any positive action on your behalf, like standing up for yourself. The wolf might also symbolize your own anger, which is intensifying the problems with your husband.

If you ever dream of the wolf again, try to turn and face the animal, and then ask it what message it holds for you. You would need to become at least partially lucid within the dream to achieve this, but it can be done.

Sweet dreams,

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