DreamCast: A Slowly Drowning Castle

I dreamt I was in a boat by a big lake, and in the middle of the lake was a small island. A castle stood on the island, with three other boats moored nearby. It seemed like every time I got close to the castle, water would start rising and the castle would slowly start going under water, about 10 feet or so. There was no way for me to get to this castle. What does this mean?


Lisa in Sacramento, California

Hello Lisa,

The castle may symbolize an ideal situation you’re striving for, perhaps your ideal home or relationship. Water symbolizes your emotional state. The rising water suggests that you have some emotional issues that keep you from reaching your goal. These issues form a false perception that getting what you want is permanently beyond your reach. Do you feel the goal is too much to ask for? It’s a castle, after all! Or perhaps you feel you don’t deserve the best life has to offer. The castle being on an island means you feel alone in this situation, although the other boats symbolize resources at your disposal that can assist you (friends? therapist? talents you have?). Don’t be afraid to ask for help in attaining the castle, whatever that means for you.

Sweet dreams,

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