DreamCast: Rebellion in the 1920s

I dreamt I was living in the 1920’s. I had a different set of parents and brother. They wanted me to do something I did not want to do and I rebelled fiercely. It felt like a past life experience. Is this possible?


Bill in Blakely, Pennsylvania

Hello Bill,

It’s quite possible your dream depicted a past life, or it might represent a rebellion taking place inside you now. Interestingly, both explanations could be true. Past life dreams usually come to us when we’re dealing with something currently that had its roots in a former life. In your case, if you come up against a situation that feels wrong for you, but which you have to deal with, it might trigger your rebellious side from the past. The lesson might be to stand up for what you believe in. Or perhaps you need to learn to compromise. So do some soul-searching about how the dream relates to what’s going on with you now.

Sweet dreams,

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