DreamCast: Cheating on Her Again

I have been dreaming that the man I’m currently with has cheated on me. Actually, he did cheat on me seven years ago, and the dreams let me know that he is going to do it again. We are back together now and he still wants to marry me. And although my trust for him is completely gone, the unconditional love I had for him is still there, but not the same as before. At one point in time I would have married him, but things are different the second time around. I do love him but I can’t answer him when he asks how much and how deep my love is for him. Need help please!


From Monique in Knoxville, Tennessee


Hello Monique,

Your unconscious is warning you that this man is still untrustworthy — but I think you know that. Dreams often point out what you need to look at, whether it’s just a fear or a real occurrence in your life. I have a feeling that because you repeatedly dream of his cheating, that his faithfulness is a real concern, not just a fear on your part. You may love him, but true love can’t thrive in an atmosphere of distrust. You deserve better! Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to this man and bless him on his way out the door.


Sweet dreams,

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