Dream Interpretation: Do You Dream About Animals?

Do You Dream About Animals?

Animals Communicate Messages

Our dreams convey special messages to us. When you sleep, you’re communicating with God/Spirit/Source, the universe and your higher self. So the things you see in your dreams help you uncover secrets and give you information about your present and your future. Have you ever dreamed about animals? Have you ever wondered what you animal dreams meant? It’s World Wildlife Day, and in honor of our friends with feathers, scales, and fur, I’d like to talk about dream interpretation and dreaming about animals!

Wondering what your dreams mean? Read with Psychic Grace and unlock the messages from your subconscious!


If you dream about a dog, or several dogs, and the dogs are friendly, that’s a sign that there are opportunities for loyal and lasting friendships coming your way. However, if the dog or dogs are mean or frightening, it means that a person you’ve considered loyal is actually loyal to someone else. There will need to be open communication to improve this relationship.


If you dream about a cat, or several cats, and the cats are friendly, this is a sign that you are loved or respected by someone in secret. They are hesitant to make their feelings known, and this may be due to their relationship circumstances or other blocks in their life. If the cats are mean or frightening, it means that a trip you’re planning will not go so well. There will be delays and other challenges, like lost baggage, missed flights or lost tickets. Be patient and understanding during this trip.


If you dream of a bird or several birds, and the birds are beautiful or you hear their song, it means that happy news is coming soon. You’ll receive a message you’ve been waiting to hear and it will bring joy to your heart. If you dream that a bird comes to you, landing on your hand or shoulder, it means that love is near. You don’t have to do anything but open your heart to receive this love into your life. However, if the bird or birds seem to fly away from you, then it means to find love you need to get out of the house.


If you are seeing rabbits in your dreams, it means that your family is expanding. Someone is either getting married or having children. Are you thinking about starting a family or making a big romantic commitment?


Elephants foretell financial success. Are you thinking about starting a business or wondering if your investments will pay off? Elephants are a good sign! Any obstacles to that success can be removed with a little effort.

Mice or Rats

Mice or rats indicate that you need to start saving money. Be conservative with your finances and keep an eye on your accounts. Don’t gamble. However, you can ask for a raise if you want one.


If you dream of a horse or a herd of horses, it means that your popularity is increasing. This is a good time to go out with friends or make new ones. Your charisma is so high that you should also look for love.


Snake dreams mean you should be watchful. It will be easy for you to uncover secrets and learn the motivations of others. You are about to be privy to information that can help you in the future. Consider looking for a new job because snake dreams could also mean a new job opportunity is on the horizon.

Dream Symbols Are Personal

Your dreams may seem weird sometimes, but they are actually very telling. Don’t ignore the animals symbols you see. I really love diving into dream symbolism, so if you’ve had a dream you’d like to figure out, don’t hesitate to call me. I know what messages are waiting for you.

Sleep well.

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5 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation: Do You Dream About Animals?

  1. Sherry

    Thank you, I never knew about dreams, but I had a dream many years ago and it did come true!! It was a very sad thing. I dreamed my ex-husband was cheating and come to find he was!

  2. jackie

    You are most certainly correct about the cats and dogs dream. I have experienced your interpretation.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Lori

    Hi Grace
    Just reading your article on Dreaming about Animals. I have most of my life, I’m a bit confused as to your interpretation, some I agree with some I don’t. Like your version of the Elephant, it’s Traditional Power, past life knowledge and ancient power is awakening. Respect traditions, your own and others. Act on what is best for all. Birds are messengers, like the Hawk, spirit vision, the Owl, deception, sorrow.



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