DreamCast: A Dream of Transformation

Billie from Port Los Angeles, Washington writes:

I awoke from a dream recently with my heart racing. I remembered most it, which was unusual.

In the dream, I am making a choice to go through with an action that I know will result in being killed by bounty hunters/hit men. After I perform the action (I don’t remember specifically what it was), I accept that I’m about to die, and prepare  to die by telling my younger son how much I love him. Then I tell my fiancé, he accepts it, and we snuggle one last time. Now I’m alone. I see the hit men pull up in a car, and I start walking to the room where I prefer to die, and that’s when I wake up.

Could you tell me the significance of the hit men, and knowing in advance the consequence of taking the action I knew I had to take? I have some ideas on interpreting this dream, but some clarity would be very helpful to me at this stage in my life. Thank you.

Hello Billie,

I think you’re experiencing a profound shift in your life. So profound, in fact, that it feels like you’re undergoing a death of sorts. Some deep-level changes are like that – you have to release something in your life before you can embark on a new path. The hit men in your dream represent your own inner strength that enables you to kill your old way of life. The question is, what part you is dying? It may be a troublesome family pattern, a habit, a negative attitude, or an incompatible relationship. It’s a very positive sign that you were well-prepared and accepting of your fate in the dream. The fiancé and son symbolize your concern about how this action will affect those you love. It’s something you need to do alone. Most importantly, because you were at peace with your upcoming death, the change is apparently healthy for your personal growth.

Sweet dreams,

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