What’s Your Relationship Blueprint?

Have you ever considered that your relationship itself needs healing? Learn your “relationship blueprint” and bring deep healing.

Discover What Needs Healing in Your Relationship

When you experience challenges with your partner, have you ever considered that the relationship itself needs healing? I had a great discussion with Psychic Colette ext. 5035, in which she pointed out that you can regard your relationship as its own entity that benefits from healing. Colette said “The relationship is always like the third person; you have each partner but you also have the personality of the relationship.”

Colette is truly an “open floodgate of information” as one testimonial states. She gives a wealth of information from her clients’ present and past lives to bring deep healing. Colette said: “I act as a channel, guide, and empath, so I’ll tune into the client’s karmic path, and give them clarity on the karma between them and their mate—what needs to be completed, what karma is there to overcome, what are the challenges?” Through accessing your unique “relationship blueprint,” she’ll identify exactly what’s going on in the relationship and what you can do to heal it. Heal what’s happening between you and your partner—try a reading with Psychic Colette ext. 5035 today.

Whether You Need to Stay…

Colette defined the relationship blueprint that exists between a couple: “When I’m looking at the relationship blueprint, it’s like there is a very beautiful electric matrix between the two partners’ auras. There is a certain energy wave or pattern I see when there is healing needed.”

“I’ll be able to ask the higher self of both parties if they require healing. If the higher self says no, that means the soul has taken on the challenge of choosing to learn through moving through a challenging experience. Other times when the soul says yes, they’re allowing me to pull out old energies that are no longer serving them.”

“There are also healing guides I work with and Archangels, and I allow myself to be a channel. I’ll pull the old painful challenges out. I notice that people call back, saying things have changed; we’re so much closer. That’s because the vibrations have gone up. Both parties may feel less fearful, less angry. If the healing causes one person to go up, the other person will go up. It’s an amazing experience to see them come back together.” Access a deep level of healing for yourself by calling Psychic Colette ext. 5035 today.

Or Go

Healing also helps relationships in which the problems cannot be resolved. For instance, where there is abuse, Colette said: “Abuse causes guards around the heart chakra. They look like fibers, energetically, and look like they’re tangled up. They are like emotional cords of energy that’s been locked in. I’ll just begin removing them. Because I allow myself to act as a channel, it is God doing all the work. I am guided to where I need to go. I’ll pull the fibers out and put in more energy for the divine light to keep flowing in.”

After the healing, Colette said, “I let them know, you may start to change, you may not feel like yourself. They go through a self-healing stage. Then they can get stronger. Then they make very proactive choices. It’s a great, super-powered feeling—that your life has the true meaning of which it dreams.” What dreams do you have for your life? Psychic Colette can tell you how to achieve them!

“Sometimes they are in a fantasy about the other person. So they need clarity to bring in what they truly want. That’s why most people are very open to healing. If given the chance, if they know they have the power to manifest love in their life, they’ll usually take that choice. When they say yes to the healing, things may happen that seem unrelated to the relationship, but that will directly impact their relationship.”

You Affect Your Own Life

“The ego can create so much drama. I try to teach my clients that all that is at work is the place of karma. The soul is actually euphoric when healing takes place. Looked at from this standpoint, everyone is that powerful to affect their own lives and their own karma.”

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18 thoughts on “What’s Your Relationship Blueprint?

  1. Bella

    I feel like My boyfriend and I are not on the same page regarding our future. Is there any haling that can be done. Please help, im desparate right now.

  2. Renee B.

    Hi my name is Renee 4-18-79 and my boyfriend is 11-05-85 we have been together exactly a year and a month tomorrow. We’ve had some off and ons and allowed other people to come in between us, we had a xmas tragedy to where both of our families were hurt and its gonna be a couple months before some of us get back to where we were before this tragedy happened. I am so in love with him and I know he loves me all he wants is for me to have his child but my tubes are tied and i planned to have a tubal reversal to have his child, I know he loves me but its like he dont want to change or its hard for him to trust me, the biggest thing thats keeping us from being happy is his lies, ex girlfriends, facebook, and me not trusting him. He asked me to marry him but i don’t know if hes really being serious with me. God knows I love him so much and want this relationship to work, but all this dishonesty and lying is killing me and breaking me down emotionally. What do I do or where do I go from here lord knows I dont want to give up, but i dont know how much more I can take? My trust with him is fading, and Im starting to just let us go………….

  3. Theresa

    Colette, In my relationship there have been many hurts. I’m going through a difficult time with my boyfriend because I am having legal issues with my ex. My ex is “brainwashing my children;supervises conversations between all my boys and tells them what to say to me.” He has violated our joint parenting court paperwork (7-20-2010) all starting when he moved in with a woman 5 yrs. younger than he, after only knowing her for 2 months. Anyhow, the relationship between my boyfriend & I is deeply troubling because I know what you are saying-that the relationship is the 3rd wheel. Our intimacy is going down the drain- what can I do about this? Intimacy (sexual & spiritual) is suffering. Is my ex’s relationship with this controlling woman going to last for awhile? I’m “himming and hawing” trying to decide if i should take him to court for a court appointed visitation order approved by the judge. I don’t want my children to resent me(males:14:12:&9). Can you give me a little guidance please? I most certainly appreciate it- Theressa 12-11-74

  4. liz

    im in a reationship with jb and our energy is a match. i love him, he may love me more. ive been hurt by him in the past but he has done a 180. hes says hes ready to spend the rest of his life with me but im not sure if thats what i want. hes pushing moving in with me this month. im haulf and haulf. i know another man is on his way. which im told i will fall crazy inlove with. i want that so bad.to be in love. is he my soul partner in this life if so why would i question that. i should just know. right. i could just be with him and make a great creation with him. or…be bold and take a chance at gaining everything or loosing someone that means a lot to me. i could take it or leave it. would miss him but i dont think my heart would break. hes good with my kids 10and 12. wants to start trying to add to the family. what do i do. if in doubt do nothing right. but that doesnt seem to fit right. what the heck do i do????? i dont want to seem ungreatful that i truely am but i also want the best this life has instore for me. and yes im that selfish.

  5. Kenny21

    Hi Colette,

    I was fascinated by your article and it made me think a lot. I would really like to talk with you about someone I really care about and want to be in a relationship with. She and I went to High School together and re-connected recently. We get along wonderful and I know there is chemistry between us. The problem is she has been only divorced for a little over a month after 20 yrs. She is not used to being treated and valued the way I have shown her. She and I have remained friends and talk on and off. She shared that she needs to re-connect w/herself and heavenly father. My question is do I wait this out and hope or find someone that is in the same place I am regarding wanting a relationship. Please your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You, Kenny

  6. ali

    i really think somebody is destoying my life n need help why cause witchedcraft was put against me n all my life is destroying like destroying

  7. mlsw k

    I married two husbands- neither of which loved me or wanted me. By the first I had 2 children and 3 separations insituted by him until I found myself separated by a legal agreement that morphed into divorce. He left me no place to live, no money and did not follow up on child suppport. This was in the 1950s-60s when there were no laws to protect women.
    6 years later I married again- a 42 year old ( 2 yrs older than me) bachelor after 2.5 years of frequent dating and being together ( we did not live together). Things went badly for me but I tried to stick with it as I had no money or family support. He died after 46 and a half years of marriage and 5 months before he died he told me that he knew when we were speaking our marriages vows that he was making a mistake…..which he never told me, but lived apart from me essentially without affection or emotional intimacy. Sex was for hisi release, not lovemaking. Financially our life was a disaster as he lost his profession due to out sourcing and didn’t get other work, spent down our savings until he left me with an overdraft at the bank, his SS, and a little IRA that might pay out $10,000 annually for 8 years. I am decimated , grieving for what might have been and angry at him as welll as my first husband and what my life has been.

  8. Mqay

    Collete please help me. I’m dating someone 4 yrs younger than me, he says age does not matter yet he is seeing himself with another person. He’s a cancer and I’m a Leo. He has been divorced and asked me to wait for him to purge. Is he using her or me?

  9. lady of the night72

    hello. am with this guy who is 13 yrs. older than me.ive been with him for five yrs now and i also have a friend who wants to be with me. he calls me and texts me. i need help big time. i like both guys but i only need one. the other guy i known for over a year. one is retired and the other is still working with the union pacific railroad. help me please

  10. dawn

    i dont know why or what it is but i keep going back 2 a man who keeps saying he dosent want to be in a relationship with me, when we are together it feels so right hes very loving to me and we both enjoy being together, he is a libra and iam cancer, i try not to contact him some time it works then he texts me ,he has a daughter who stay with him alot he uses her as an exscuse when he dosnt want to see me he says she comes first my head is in a daze what would be ure advice am 48 hes 43 .

  11. letty de leon

    i like your advice ! is it for TAURUS? it reflects to my self .I will be very grateful if you can give me your advice.i am drawn to a person which i refuse him , i know not proper but we are attracted to each other he is Scorpio. thank you if you can help me ,i don’t know if i’m right to type here.

  12. terry and sharon

    the healing of the relationship is called a divorce.. that is the perfect bandaid.. was for me after 34 yrs..


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