Were You Lovers in a Previous Life?

How do you know if you were lovers in a past life? Have you met and grown to be lovers in another time and place before this life? What an intriguing question. Songs croon “I can’t remember where or when…” Movies like Somewhere in Time let us glimpse the romance of having passed this way before. It isn’t out of the realm of the possible, but how do you know you’ve crossed paths before?

The best way to determine if you have been together in other lives is to have a past life reading done by an authentic psychic. The process is straightforward, without using hypnosis as you would for a past life regression. A regression attempts to put you back into the memories of a past life. A reading mostly uses palmistry, Tarot, numerology, or astrology to uncover and consider components of your past life.

There are clues in your life that might encourage you to seek out a professional who can read your incarnations. Let’s look at a few.

1. There’s an irresistible feeling that someone is missing from your life. You feel strongly there is a one-and-only true lover out there waiting for you. Then you meet him.

2. You’ve met someone and it’s love at first sight and no mistaking it. You both feel a sudden attraction that has nothing to do with physicality. It’s unexplainable.

3. You and your partner experience the same or a very similar dream. If this happens, before you share the whole thing with each other, separate and write the dream down in the clearest detail you can.

4. There are things you know about each other that you can’t explain. She loves daisies, can’t abide roses, and you instinctively buy her daisies. He’s crazy about Bach and for some reason, the first gift you gave him was Advent Cantatas.

5. When you first made love or became intimate there was no shyness. You felt as if you had been this way before. The feel and scent of your lover’s body wasn’t new to you.

6. You love talking to each other and listening to each other—you share many values and ideas. You often complete each other’s thoughts.

7. There is/was no discussion of becoming a couple. You had no details to work out. You just knew you completed each other.

8. People comment on how incredibly compatible you are, and they said that from the moment you met.

9. You know where your partner is simply by intuition. If he or she is in trouble, you know that, too.

10. Oddly, disharmony mixed with a feeling of commitment is a strong clue. You disagree often, feel at odds, or easily become testy with each other. Yet the love is real. You may be working out issues from a long distant past.

No one can prove whether we live multiple times on this planet. Past lives aren’t new thinking, and the idea of reincarnation isn’t scoffed at by all scientists. World religions and philosophies maintain that living many lives helps us work out our issues and attain spiritual maturity. You can’t know for sure that you have gently grown with each other in some previous time, but it could be very enlightening to explore the possibilities.

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13 thoughts on “Were You Lovers in a Previous Life?

  1. swa

    i also found …………but at first……i take tat as joke……….b’coz jesus told me already…..before i met tat ……..x…..but now>>>?cant believe wat wil hapen………pls made me to escape …….god……..tat should not hapen

  2. Ronald Patrick Marriott

    I found her….. again!
    When I was a child and very much connected to the universe, I had many visions…..But was I remembering my destiny from heaven or…….

    My adventure is not all here but will be some day……The story began when I was shown my journey in life.

    I had a very tall and gentle but powerful guide leading thru my journey. I was shown how my energy discovery worked in the universe by seeing the display of its power, I was also given all of the greatest lessons and tools for life. My guide took me to the Akashic Records and showed me where my life was in this long tube of light that was broken into slices like record albums. You could use your mind to peer into these discs and see with your mind what is and to happen. I saw my future self and then stopped as to leave an unopened destiny as a surprise for me. During my journey I asked my guide “can I see God” the answer excited me to meet the person or entity that made all this. I was led to another place thru a foggy curtain and down a winding trail in the atmosphere to a nice but simple thrown. As I was standing there I look up to my guide and said “does he come back here often” , as I looked back to the thrown he was sitting there, I stared straight into Gods eyes and I smiled a great big grin of happiness as he did to me, I looked back to my guide and said “Can you see him too” out of concern. No only you can see him now.

    I looked back to God, he was gone.

    I remember that as if it were two minutes ago. I have never felt an connection to the universe or God since as powerful as that, but do know that God does exist. I love my world very much and want the best for it. My destiny was to bring a new energy thru my work and to promote Law Of Attraction and other universal laws to our educational systems, the real education for Humanity. To trust God and the universe to supply you with answers you have and to learn how to “Ask”. This is what is needed to be taught and provided to our children, pure love and understanding. Only until then will we understand Gods connection to us…..

    He was pure energy, white sparks of holographic design. It had a face and body of a human-being , no hair or facial form to distinguish, a form of energy like electricity. He had solid light for eyes and mouth which formed a smile. He had hands and feet, he sat kind of side ways on the throne with one arm up like relaxing, I felt my soul being pulled towards him as we smiled and grinned at each other. It was the most powerful thing/experience Ive ever been near. Pure energy and light.

    I will never forget my trip thru eternity that Experience as time for me was not real . Im here for a reason and this true. He gave me everything to give to you.

    But now…..

    Reincarnation …..

    As a very young child I had always had the vision of a past life being a Knights Templar burned at the stake..even remember the evil little jerk that lit the fire then. I was robbed of my love to a woman..my career lied about …burned at the stake. I went back to source and stayed..angered …refusing to return….The next thing I remember was shining like a star …so brightly…and being approached to re-enter the world with a destiny greater than any human had had before… I am this man now. I missed a reincarnation that separated me from this woman..

    I found her again!!

    The memory of her was a vision of her holding a baby goat “1097 ad” … I saw a picture of her again “2011 ad” the same picture of her in the vision. I was there as a Knight (ancient Turkey)… ITS HER!!! I am the very same vibration as her, we are the same in every aspect. All details have proven true for us. Dates times and passions all coincide to bring us together again. I am in love with my destiny with her… from beyond time <3

    I have the sphere of rejuvenation for our worlds…Mantle.. the most powerful object in the heavens… now being born aware and as a master at mind and heart knowledge… born with this destiny knowledge intact and full awareness of my future at birth… Im back ? MantleMan

    Marriott = builder of Churches Knights Templar reg. 1135ad
    Loving the ride and you,

  3. Sarah

    I started talking to this man years ago and he went away. He had been checking up on me the whole time but didn’t let me know he was making sure I was okay. We started talking again and we have found no differences yet. We even have the same y shaped scar under our lip. It’s like an instant connection that I have never had with another man before. I don’t know if we are soulmates, past life lovers or what but there is something so special with him and he feels the same thing, it’s like we are the same person, like I am the female version of himself and him the male version of me.

  4. Karin

    I met a guy a couple of years before I met my (third) husband. We dated a few times but he was in an (open) relationship, which I thought meant there was no room to have a relationship with me. Then I got married, and ran into him again at a party. I am also in an open relationship so the few times we have been together has been ok with our significant others. We first felt the over-strong attraction when we started kissing. We actually had to pull away several times because there was too much “chemistry”. We both have discussed this and truly believe that this is not a sexual attraction, but a spiritual one. Our kisses are more of a very long awaited reunion and we cannot seem to get enough of each other. When we have had the opportunity to have sex, even though we are naked, we do not actually have sex, but try to draw one another into ourselves by clawing, hugging ever so tightly, and kissing like it is going to save our lives. The “chemistry” or whatever you call it is just too strong and we keep having to break off, at which time we talk about these profound feelings. We live in the same town but while I was away on vacation, we emailed every day. Really strange things happen like first thing in the morning a beautiful bald eagle flew right past my window, and then when I opened up my email, he said to me “I hope you see an eagle today”. Or I texted him that he was taking up so much room in my mind and in my heart. Then when I got home, he had already emailed me that I was taking up so much room in his heart!

    This is mind blowing and frustrating as we are both in relationships and we feel guilty exploring what our connection is. We feel like we are having a spiritual affair. Neither of us has ever experienced anything like this ever but I am so grateful that he is open minded enough to discuss all of these feelings with me, otherwise I would have thought that I was going crazy!

  5. Gabo

    I have a Gaydar profile. I receive at least 4 or 5 replies to my profile everyday… I dismiss them all on a regular basis. I just don’t feel attracted to anyone there even when some of the guys are gorgeous.

    A week ago I received a message from a guy and BOOM… Instinctevly I felt I had to reply. I felt extremely attracted to him but not in a sexual way. 5 minutes later we were having a conversation as if we had met each other for centuries. There was no need to pretend anything. We had clicked in the weirdest form.

    Since my face is covered in all of the photos in Gaydar I decided to send him a pic of my face and his first comment was: “I’ve seen you before, but I can’t recall where from”. When we first met in person I had exactly the same feeling. I felt SO comfortable and the conversation was SO fluid that it was obvious we were finishing something that had already started somewhere or “somewhen” else.

    There has been no doubts on my mind or his that in a very uncommon way we are meant to be and that from today on we will be together… I just wonder in which circumstances we got separated in a allegedly past life…

    I’m dying to keep going with this.

    (Sorry for my broken English. I might have invented one or two words.

  6. Amy

    We live in different countries, and both of us are involved in this life with different lovers. I “met” him by stumbling across his music on youtube. I was totally mezmerized by his music. It was like there was a message calling to me, wooing me, telling me he was here in this time and had finally found me. Of course, after listening for a while, I began to comment on his music. It took off from there to email friendship and has remained there for the past 6 years. However, I do feel we were lovers in a past life. I feel it so strongly. We both have said we somehow “knew” eachother some how. I suggested a past life, and he did not comment. But it must be?? His music can move me to tears or extreme emotionally packed joy. His life comes over the strings to me. We cannot be lovers in this life. I hope we find eachother in the next. We are very close of spirit. I am enjoying his friendship over emails at this point. He is such a musical genius, to speak through his music like that. Love you, P!

  7. Valerie Dyck Gordon

    I very recently met a man on a dating site…at first because he commented on my blog about my tattoo and then I went to his where he was talking about having a ghost around. I looked at his profile and he is the male version of me personality-wise! He is even a pagan! So we started chatting and were so comfortable with each other from the very beginning that we BOTH commented that we must have know each other in a previous life.

    Then BANG. I almost started to cry and said “You left me”, and he said right back…no thinkinking or processing “I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t come back to you. I NEVER would have left you. I must have been killed in war or something.” Now, this man is a 3rd generation , country renowned COP. HE is not subject to flights of fancy. He knows he has been a warrior/protector all all of his past lives and immediately felt protective of me.

    And now comes our problem. He lives in the US and I’m In Canada. He’s almost 2,000 miles away and has an incredibly busy life with his job, his two grown sons and his volunteer work every weekend. I don’t know where I stand, what I am to him and although my heart SINGS when I see an email or message from him I can’t interfere with his life! I don’t want to drive him away out of my need to be with him again, and although I don’t know if I’d worry about other women I know I am going to be jealous about sharing his tiny bit of spare time.

    It will be months at the very least before we can actually hold each other. And the funny thing is, it’s not important that we have insane sex (although that would be nice too) ….we want to hold onto each other and just not let go.

    I’m not sure if I’m crazy, he is or both of us are, lol. I honestly feel like I’m in a dream and could wake up at any time. I am over the moon with joy, terrified, worried about my mental stability, lol. I think of him when I wake up and when I go to bed. I see his name and I smile and feel a surge of…love???

    I am even trying to get into a similar field of work as to that he is specializing in right now as a police officer – had the interview first thing this week and didn’t know his area of expertize until I googled his name after that!

    Where the HECK do I go from here?

  8. shal8

    Wow reading this explains a lot to me regarding the man I love. Unfortunately we are not together and he has chosen another but this explains how we both felt when we were seeing each other. The familiarity from the begining not being shy during our first intimate encounter, knowing things about each other, not needing words to express how we were feeling just knowing what we were feeling. To this day I feel his emotions just out of the blue I would feel stress or deep sadness and I know these are not my feelings at the moment because I would be having a good happy day etc. So thanks for this article. I never had a past life reading before and would like to know if we were lovers in the past life but at this point Im not sure how that will help me in the future. Just wondering if these intense emotions could’ve been too much for him and it made him run from me. I do think that I have been able to understand these feelings and know that we have a past life connection and have been able to deal with it much better than he has. Don’t know what went wrong there.

  9. Jacqueline

    Hi Taryn,
    What a great article, love the topic, there is nothing more unsettling than wondering why someone is constantly in your thoughts, no matter what you do, they are there again and again, this is a sure indicator that there is some ties, some webs that keep the connection there.

    Once you realize what the ties are, the unresolved issues that has been carried over from a past life, it can bring peace within yourself and the feelings that are connecting the two of you.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

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  11. velvetoversteel

    How very, very interesting, Taryn! Gina Rose once told me once, that the man I can’t get out of my head and feel connected to in this way.. even through distance and not seeing him in a very long time, is just that. Someone from another life. Not sure how I feel or what I believe about reincarnation just yet, but my mind and heart are Open to anything that will explain how I feel and eventually bring me the true unconditional love and happiness I deserve and believe is in my future.

    Great article! Thank you for sharing!!
    Hugs & Many Bessings,
    Coreen @ VOS


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