Things to Tell Your Future Self

Things to Tell Your Future Self | California Psychics

Don’t Forget the Lessons You’ve Learned

It’s easy to dwell on the past and imagine how things could have turned out differently had we acted with the gift of hindsight, now. But, of course, we can’t go back, we can only stay rooted in the current moment and look forward into the future.

With that in mind, take time to reach out to your future self and think about what you’d like him or her to know, based on your life experiences thus far. As the years tick by, it can be easy to forget the lessons we learned from our past mistakes, as well as our accomplishments. The following ideas are just a list to get you started—feel free to tailor your message to how it would best fit you, your goals and your life. Talking to your future self can set you up for a more positive way of living now, which will certainly impact the person you become.

It’s Never Too Late
Remember, future self, it’s never too late to, well, do anything. As long as there is air in your lungs, you have the opportunity to take action. It’s never too late to start eating healthy, quit a job you hate to embark on your dream career, get out of a bad relationship, learn a new skill—you name it.

Don’t Wait to Say “I Love You”
So much of our lives are spent fretting about other people’s reactions and playing it safe. But being safe in life means never taking chances that can change everything, for better or for worse. Always let the people you love know how much they mean to you. If you’ve been pinning from afar, I hope you’ll get the courage to say those three little words that can mean so much.

Let Yourself Relax
While it’s admirable to hustle, I hope that you, future self, have learned to give yourself a break sometimes. Life is too short to be ruled by stress and anxiety. Certainly, all the items on your to-do list are not all that pressing. If you knew you only had one day left on Earth, what would actually need to get done? Give yourself the grace of a cup of tea and a good book, even when you feel overwhelmed.

Surround Yourself with Positivity
I hope, future self, that you have learned to cut out any toxic people in your life and stopped feeling obligated to do things that don’t bring you joy. (Like, um, Crossfit.) Let your life be filled with activities that make you happy and energize your mind-body without feeling like chores. Spend your precious time with people who value you and lift you up.

Find Time for Your Passions
Time is really all we have, and we don’t know how much of it we’ve got left. Future self, take the time to foster your passions—the ones I enjoy now and new hobbies that leave you feeling fulfilled. If you’re spending your leisure time on endless tasks and activities you don’t truly love, please consider rethinking how you’re allocating those precious minutes before it’s too late.

Forgive Your Past Mistakes
Life is too short to worry about the things you’ve done that you can’t change. We all have those moments where we said or did the wrong thing, to varying degrees of impact. But no matter how much we beat ourselves up about these moments, we can never change them. Future self, I hope you can give yourself the gift of forgiveness and learn to live focused on being the best person you can be, now.

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    That was such a wonderful piece & I wanted to print it out, but was not able to get Just the Message to my Future Self.
    I really am not interested in all the other ads or announcements. If there is a way, please help me. Both my current & future selves would appreciate it.


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