Psychic Marin’s Tips for Breaking a Bad Habit

It’s Time to Succeed

Now that we’re approaching the end of summer, it’s time to assess where you are with your 2017 goals. We’re nearly three-fourths of the way through the year. Are you closer to achieving that goal or breaking that bad habit? If you haven’t quite mastered things, you’re probably starting to feel a time crunch.

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Other people may be feeling the time crunch and decide to give up, but you’re not other people. If you’d like to break a bad habit, but think you don’t have enough time to do it, think again! You’re not trapped and you haven’t failed. I am here to share some foolproof ways to start working on breaking that bad habit today. Even if you’ve failed before, it’s worth reading on.

You Succeed or Your Learn

First, please stop considering yourself a failure because you haven’t met your goal. Remember this: You either succeed or you learn; there is no failing. I want you to write it down so you can repeat it to yourself as a mantra for the next few weeks. Learning to break a bad habit is hard work that requires a lot of attention and energy on your part. Plus, you’re human and all humans are imperfect. Meaning, we make mistakes.

Be as Kind to Yourself as You Would be to Others

If your friend’s goal was to quit smoking and they made it six weeks without a single cigarette, but then smoked one cigarette in an extremely stressful moment, would you tell them to just go buy a new pack of cigarettes and light up? Probably not. The truth is your friend needs to hear that they are still a nonsmoker and can still reach their goal, so they aren’t a failure and their fight isn’t over. It’s time to keep battling. So why can’t you be as kind to yourself? Give yourself permission to be kind when you take a step backward. That doesn’t mean you should just give up.

Refocus Your Energy

You also need to stop focusing so much on the bad habit you want to fix. If you want to lose the 10 pounds you recently gained from late-night eating, you must stop focusing so much on those 10 pounds. I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain.

Right now, you keep telling yourself to lose the weight or get back into your skinny jeans, but you’re not telling yourself how that should be done. Instead, refocus your energy on a new habit that helps you break the bad habit of late-night eating. Maybe you need to think about what you eat and make changes there. Or, maybe you need to drink more water to help you feel fuller throughout the day. Then think about how else you can support the breaking of your bad habit. Maybe a 30-minute walk after dinner will keep you out of the house and away from temptation. Just make sure your choice is an appropriate activity that will help you break your bad habit.

Give it 21 Days

Next, science says it only takes 21 days to change a habit. That’s only three weeks! And, the good news is whatever fear, frustration, or withdrawal you’re feeling won’t last a lifetime. If you keep pushing yourself forward and remember that the pain is temporary (but the reward will be lifelong), you’re going to be able to overcome your nasty habit.

Reward Yourself

It may be difficult to avoid being hard on yourself when you take a step back, but it’s certainly easy to reward yourself when you take a step towards change for the better. A little incentive never hurt anyone! Just make sure your reward doesn’t negate all the good you’re doing.

Get Support

No one expects you to go at it alone, so reach out for a little assistance. Whether it’s a friend or a life path psychic like me, consider having an accountability partner who will help you stay on track. In cases like this, a psychic can help you determine what your new habit should be or they could guide you toward which friend will be best at helping you succeed. Even in extreme cases, they may be able to help you tap into the root cause of your problem so that you can heal from the inside out.

It’s possible to break any bad habit you want by putting these actions in place. So, tell me, if you knew you couldn’t fail, which bad habit would you break today?


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