Powering Through the Fear of the Unknown

Powering Through the Fear of the Unknown | California Psychics

Understanding Fear

The fear of the unknown has probably ruined a good portion of your sunniest days. It has changed the course of your relationships, persuaded the outcome of job interviews, and became the deciding factor on what you did over many weekends. The problem with fear is not its existence, but the tendency to sabotage your preferred destiny at its first sign.

Don’t get me wrong, when fear is pointed at a true danger, it can save your life. But when it’s not… well, it can ruin it. And here’s the difference. The brain’s chemistry is designed to freeze the body at the first sign of danger. This allows you to both identify the danger and decide what you’re going to do about it. And in the case of a tiger crouching in preparation to attack, that decision will be made quick, and the outcome even quicker. In the case of, say, your future. Well, that threat is not so obvious because it is primarily unknown.

And so when you fear the unknown, your body freezes in preparation of attack—you think about the unknown possibilities, and then think about them some more, while remaining in this partially frozen state. And this can go on for years in some cases. Fear of the unknown is problematic because it has no real action your body can take. It leaves you in a perpetual frozen state, unprepared, unfocused, and unconfident. Your only option is to power through using a few techniques.

Thaw Out

No matter what my problem or ailment as a kid, my father would tell me to get more exercise. And he was right. This is not one of those tips aimed at making you feel better about yourself (although exercise has been known to do that). According to research at the University of Bristol, the body does literally “freeze” during a fearful situation. And this happens during any situation, ranging from a real threat to being nervous about an upcoming job interview. The location of the event happens in the cerebellum of your brain, and this information is key.

In order to reanimate your mind and body, you can stimulate your brain in a dynamic way—as in exercise. I’m talking about a brisk walk, bike ride, a session of yoga, or an hour with weights or straps. Without even a single session with your favorite counselor (paid or unpaid) you can always thaw out by simply moving your body.

Call to Action

Fear provokes four different actions, the first of which we have already covered—freeze. There is also fight, flight, and fright. You either freeze (think), take action, run away, or be scared. We’ve already discussed why freezing is a bad solution, but fright is just as bad. There is nowhere to go from fright, other than more fright. This leads to hopelessness, depression, and lack of motivation to do anything. Under most any real threat, taking action is your best option, and that also goes for even the most general anxiety.

Learn Your Fear

You’ve probably heard that ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is also just another form of the unknown. If you learn more about what you fear, it gives you valuable information that you can use to make better decisions. You should know your enemy in order to defeat them, and in this case you actually know them better than anybody, because it’s (mostly) you.

One Day at a Time

The unknown is such a vast topic to wrap your mind around, because it can literally change from day to day depending on the choices you made the day before. And so it makes complete sense to not bother with the worrying over the big picture, and instead concentrate on the daily events that build towards it. Decide where you want to go in life, and then plan the steps to get there. And don’t be afraid to make changes along the way, because your decisions will only get better the more you learn about yourself.

Visualize Success

Preparation for any event involves learning and following through with an actionable plan, but visualization is a technique to help build confidence by replacing the unknown with a positive outcome. Don’t fret over imaginary spilled milk, when you can just as easily visualize yourself cleaning it up (or not spilling it in the first place).

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