How to Change Your Rule Book

How to Change Your Rule Book

It’s Time for a Change!

When you were about 14 years old, you created your Rule Book. It’s a book of rules and regulations that would dictate how you treat others, how you want to be treated, and your “make-or-break” rules for the rest of your adult life. The structure of your Rule Book and the rules contained within were based on the teachings and examples set by the key adults in your life. Other influences came from the books you read, what you watched on TV, the movies you’d seen and the music you’d listen to. But the rules you created so long ago are outdated. They’re also based on fantasy. You made assumptions about what society wanted from you and how you were perceived by others.

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A Rut of Negative Patterns

Your Rule Book has served you well, and for a good amount of time. But as you left your teenage years, and entered adult life, you gained experience that made parts of your Rule Book fail. Yet you continue to hold onto those rules. But doing that puts you in a rut of negative patterns.

A Comforting, Flawed Structure

One of the hardest things you’ll have to do as an adult is change your Rule Book. There is something comforting about its structure, even though it’s flawed. It’s part of your history and you’ll find it hard to shift it or let it go. Yet, change is inevitable and necessary.

Changing Your Rule Book

Changing your Rule Book is easy if you have a starting point, and you can start by examining your old rules and see if they still work for you. The tricky part is to keep from lying to yourself about the old rules. Remember, “To heal is to walk in truth!” So strike out all the old rules that no longer serve you. It’s time to retire them and replace them with rules that reflect your life now.

The Wisdom Factor

Experience teaches you about the impact of your choices. This is called The Wisdom Factor. It’s the new enlightenment and understanding that comes with experience, and you should consider it when creating your new Rule Book.

Manifest Your Intentions

Your new Rule Book will help you manifest your intentions. When you set your intentions, you create for yourself a tool that’s dedicated to your needs. Setting your intentions also puts you in the best situation for change. Start walking in your truth, and you’ll be like a bright, new shiny penny. You’ll also become a beacon of positivity that attracts other beacons of positivity.

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4 thoughts on “How to Change Your Rule Book

  1. Valarie

    Thank you very much fir the info. I have been feeling really down and out and have been getting sick of the drama and stress my adult kids have put me thru especially this year has been the worst. Now i need to figured out about how to meet new people because i have no friends and family has hurt me bad towhere i am finally leaving them alone.
    I thank you for thee idea of how to start your life over and make goals too.

  2. lowe

    I am ready to be me again without all the otherbullshit i let people crawl up in my bizness, for what, there own agenda everytime well o.k yahll be selfish in ur fishbowl n im happy 4 yins……..

  3. anna staley

    my rules are my rules only, not for some one else, everyone plays by rules, some more then others. and use them to there liking , to get out of what they need to. if my rules are old , now many other have old rules that they go by,


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