How Predictable Is Life, Anyway?

We asked our intuitive team at California Psychics to ruminate on the question, is life predictable? And though they read the future for a living, their answers may surprise you! After all, energy is always shifting and even the hardest headed person is capable of change. So how, in an unpredictable world, can psychics determine the future of unpredictable people? Here’s what they had to say:

Sure history repeats itself. The laws of nature insure that the sun comes up each morning and the earth moves through 4 seasons every 12 months. As humans we are born and develop into adults. As individuals, we are creatures of habit. But what about the bigger picture? Do we come into this world with a fixed imprint of who we’ll be, what we’ll do while we’re here and when we’ll die?

The general consensus regarding the answer is yes and no! Natural disasters cannot be accurately predetermined. Accidents happen. People make decisions (last minute and otherwise) where they don’t have all the facts, creating an unexpected outcome… But life is extremely reliable in certain very basic areas.

“If we drive a car blind-folded we have an extremely high probability of hitting something,” explains Maryanne ext. 9146. “Otherwise, life is beautifully, wonderfully amazingly unpredictable, as long as we are open to people we meet, opportunities that present themselves and interests we may develop. We are definitely not condemned to any certain path or outcome,” she assures.

Psychic experts agree then, that what determines our lives, more than anything else, are the choices we make for ourselves about the paths we choose.

“Often we don’t see how much our choices play into the predictability of life,” Jonathan ext. 9601 suggests. “When you see similar situations developing repeatedly in your life, look at the choices you made leading up to those situations. There is usually a pattern there. Just as history repeats itself over a vast expanse of time, people’s personal history repeats itself as we do or do not deal with the lessons presented to us. If what you’re looking at in your life is not a good pattern, look at the decisions leading up to it and make a change.”

So if the future is uncertain, how (and why) do psychic readings work?

“As a professional intuitive for 33 years, I would like to say that life is always predictable, but I cannot,” the psychic reflects. “It’s helpful for clients to understand that when they call with a problem in a specific area of concern looking for a reading that will give them an answer that will be 100% accurate, no matter how gifted or detailed a reading may be, the outcome is often up to you. You can choose to use the information or not. Your life is not set in stone.”

Psychics are valuable resources – they can help you create the future you want, regardless of your past! Have you used a psychic to help change your destiny? Talk about it with skeptics and believers alike!

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