Divine Intervention

Have you ever experienced divine intervention? If you have, you know that deep, unforgettable sense that something stronger than your own free will had just helped you out with an important situation, and maybe even pushed you out of harms way in a time of great danger. It’s what some people call a miracle, especially when a life or lives are saved.

Justin ext. 5253 says, “It’s when the higher power arranges circumstances and events to line up with perfect universal order. It may happen when there is a chance meeting with an old friend that leads you to that perfect job opportunity, or to meeting your soulmate. Sometimes you can just see a series of events lining up in perfect order.”

“Everyone experiences divine interventions, but they are often subtle experiences that occur in our everyday life,” Elaine ext. 5202 says. “It can be as simple as getting a last-minute call that ends up preventing you from leaving the house on time, thus avoiding a fender bender. Or, it can be an internal warning that says, ‘Don’t go down that street,’ and by not going down that street, you weren’t robbed at gun point. A friend of mine witnessed the World Trade Center disaster instead of being in it. His boss called and asked him to send him a last-minute fax before heading out to a meeting.”

A psychic can pick up divine intervention in a reading, though most people can’t tell they are experiencing it until it’s over. Psychic Justin recognizes it as “a peaceful feeling that comes with information that is paramount to a caller’s life.”

Maryanne ext. 9146 reports that divine intervention shows itself in a reading because it has a certain energy, which is unique, stronger, and forced. “Most clients are too close to their own situation to be certain that it is occurring until after the final positive result reveals itself.”

If you pay attention to your intuition and synchronicity, our psychics say that you may be able to either avoid danger, or walk right into a good situation. Psychic Elaine advises, “If you have the feeling that something isn’t right, respect it. If you are rushing somewhere and something stops you like a flat tire, don’t get upset, you may have just avoided some very bad luck!”

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