Deciding Factors

Sometimes we make decisions which are not in our best interest. Whether we thought we had belabored them to perfection and things just didn’t work out, or a decision was made with the toss of a coin during an irrational or crazy-confident moment… how do we reverse the consequences of problematic decisions which have backfired on our quality of life?

Sometimes it takes a psychic reading to see the bigger picture and help resolve the questions in your mind and heart about just how to repair the damage and move on. “One of my regular callers who enjoyed staying one step ahead of her work situation, finances and love life with regular readings, called asking if I could coach her through a painful dilemma,” Yvonne ext. 9883 recalls. Geneva (not her real name) said she had been losing sleep over whether or not to call her stepson Kip.

“Is it the right thing to do? I don’t want to be an unwelcome invader in his life. Will he be happy to hear from me?” the caller asked Yvonne, telling the psychic that she had backed out of her stepson’s life over a year ago, in what she hoped was a selfless decision. She did it to give him the time and emotional distance to re-establish a bond with his father.

Yvonne felt that her caller who had dropped all communication with her stepson, avoiding their usual monthly lunch or dinner in Boston where Kip was a graduate student, had not only hurt her stepson but had also created a guilty void in her own life.

“Spirit says he’d be happy to hear from you, but don’t call him, yet,” the psychic advised. Yvonne’s first impression of the situation was that it would take a letter or note of explanation to soften his hurt over the situation. The psychic saw that Kip had no idea what had happened between them.

“He’s like your own son – he’s family to you. He feels loved by you. But your non-communication has felt like abandonment to him.”

Geneva felt terrible about Yvonne’s message, saying it had never been her intention to hurt Kip. She explained that even after her divorce from Kip’s father, they had continued the comfortable, warm relationship they had enjoyed since she was first introduced to him as a small boy. Her ex-husband didn’t like children… but Geneva was crazy about Kip. “Kip has always been open with me about wanting some kind of a relationship with his father. I kept encouraging him to pursue his father’s attention and when he finally did respond. Kip was absolutely thrilled. It made sense at the time to give them some space.” Geneva sighed. “What can I do, if it’s not a good idea to call?”

“Spirit says that a short letter of explanation is important. Ask him if you can call him in the letter.”

“So much time has gone by… Maybe he doesn’t miss me. Maybe he won’t be comfortable seeing me, if he’s gotten close to his dad?” Geneva mused spelling out her insecurities about her stepson.

“Spirit says he’d be happy to hear from you, he thinks of you as family… but you must write something first.”

Yvonne thought it would be several weeks before the correspondences were completed, so she was a bit confused when she got a call from Geneva the very next day.

“I had to call and tell you that Kip contacted me last night,” she said exuberantly.

“How did you get a letter to him so quickly?” the psychic responded with great surprise. “Spirit was sure you’d have to send him a note first.”

“Oh, I just emailed him on Facebook and he called me immediately,” Geneva offered happily.

Yvonne laughed. “Sometimes I forget… this is the 21st century. Spirit is from the dark ages, so I automatically interpreted that you’d have to send a letter through the post office.”

“I never even thought you meant regular mail,” Geneva chuckled.

“Turns out Kip met his dad for dinner, but nothing else ever came of it. Kip’s finally okay with that… when I didn’t call him, he just thought I was busy with one of my book projects. He told me never to do anything like that again, because I’m way too important in his life,” Geneva offered tearfully. “He’s decided that if his dad isn’t interested in him, he’s still very happy having a mom and a step-mom who are…” she added sniffling.

“I can’t tell you how heartwarming this was to me,” Yvonne sums up. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why people feel the way they do, and do the things they do. Helping others get past the kind of indecision that ultimately lifts the quality of their life, is what this work is really all about.”

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