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Everyone knows what a bucket list is—a list of things you’d like to accomplish and experience in your lifetime. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane or writing the great American novel, you probably have a list of things in mind. However, there are a few things you probably haven’t thought about and that’s because you haven’t thought about the role astrology can play. If you want to create the ultimate bucket list, you’ll need to consult your sun sign. So let’s take a look at what your astrology has to say about your bucket list!

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You generally go for anything that’s thrilling, fun and challenging, so your bucket list should include things like running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, bungee jumping from the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado or going on an African safari that brings you closer to the wild. You may also want to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon.


Living large, loving life, and having fun are probably on your bucket list. But how about renting a tropical villa with a chef and five-star amenities? Invite your favorite people! Or, buy that Birkin bag. Test-drive an Alfa Romeo in look-at-me red. Write a song for your favorite music star and sing it on a stage in Nashville.


You can never have too much to do, so you better start. For you, a challenge is another word for fun, so why not challenge yourself to learn a foreign language, and then book a trip to see if you speak like the natives. Enroll yourself in race car school and learn to drive at high speeds from the racing masters. Or, do Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


It’s hard to get you to venture too far from home unless you’re traveling to a destination that feels like home. If Taurus doesn’t invite you to their tropical villa, go to the South Pacific and live in a glass-bottom hut that has room service—eat, swim, relax. You can also take a cooking class in a unique cuisine and share it with your close friends and family. Go swimming with the dolphins. Or, consider getting a cabin and paint the scenery.


Action, adventure and dramatic moments set the scene for your bucket list. How about zip-lining through a mountainous jungle? Or, travel to an island destination that offers scuba diving and parasailing by day and non-stop dancing by night. Vegas is also your kind of place, filled with things you can do any time of the day or night.


Health, nutritious food, and animals are things that make you feel good and should be included in your bucket list. Start an animal rescue for dogs; you’ll enjoy finding them the perfect home. Or, enjoy a spa weekend that focuses on massages, natural foods and a little privacy for you and your lover. Travel to an ancient city and learn about their customs and cultures. Perhaps you can invent a useful tool. You may also want to build a backyard water park for the neighborhood kids.


Variety is the spice of life and that should certainly be reflected in your bucket list. Take a tour of Europe and explore different cultures one day at a time. Eat, drink and shop your way across the globe. You can also grab your sweetie, rent a convertible and drive the Pacific Coast Highway from one end to the other. You may want to consider writing an etiquette book for modern times.


Your bucket list should include a few secret treasures we can’t even talk about, but aside from that, how about a glamping getaway on the shores of a private island with your best buds? You could also turn your bedroom into a 360-degree theater with surround sound and a round bed. Or, how about building a scorpion-shaped pool with a swim-up bar in your backyard?


Your bucket list should certainly include the outdoors and some unexplored territory. Have you ever pictured yourself underwater in a cage inches away from a toothy shark? You can also rent a tree top cabin where you can zip-line through the forest by day and practically touch the clouds at sunset. Maybe you should just rent a Winnebago and hit the highway.


Bucket lists are basically choices and that’s what you enjoy—a little bit of everything. Therefore, you should go to an island where you can relax, eat local cuisine, swim underneath a jungle waterfall and shop for trinkets in town. You should buy those 1,000-thread-count sheets, and hire a chef for a night (or forever). Or get your own zip code where all of your favorite people can live.


Pick a favorite getaway, and create a friends or family reunion tradition. You may also want to quit your day job and reinvent yourself as an interior designer. Or, try a sport you’ve always wanted to try; maybe hang gliding or repelling.


Of all the bucket list ideas, yours may be the most relaxed. But, you still like having something to do occasionally. A spa with an ocean view, a private pool, and massage therapists certainly sound lovely. You could build birdhouses out of driftwood and give them to friends. Or, create the world’s biggest outdoor kitchen and entertainment center.

When it comes to your bucket list, there’s no reason to wait! Think of what you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime and start enjoying those activities and goals today.

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