Best Crystals for Your Life Path

Best Crystals for Your Life Path | California Psychics

Enhance Your Destiny with Crystals

The relationship between crystals and Life Path numbers is profound. Crystals can help you tap into your deepest inner energy, and when used in conjunction with your Life Path, crystals have the power to help activate the highest vibrations in your soul.

The healing energy of crystals amplifies the powerful essence of your Life Path, especially when you focus on empowering your strengths, making weak places transform into positive attributes, and helping you create new ways of being. Just set your intentions by telling your crystals what you want, and they will work toward manifesting your desires.

Discovering Your Life Path

Your Life Path describes the essence of who you are on the soul level. It’s easy to find your Life Path number. Just add up your birth numbers, then reduce them to a single-digit number. For example, if you were born February 14, 1991, add it up like so: 2+1+4+1+9+9+1= 27. Reduce the sum this way: 2+7 = 9. And voila! You have a 9 Life Path.

The only time you don’t reduce the sum of your birth numbers is if it’s an 11, 22, or 33, for these are Master Numbers. Master Numbers are not reduced for they represent Life Paths with greater potential for success as well as greater potential for challenges.

Best Crystals for Every Life Path

As always, feel free to choose any crystal that resonates with you, but the crystals chosen here are a great place to start. Here are some of the best crystals for your Life Path:

Life Path 1

Garnet and Sunstone

With a Number 1 Life Path, you were made to lead. Sunstone strengthens your confidence, leadership ability, independence, and creativity. Garnet powers up your life force as fuel for your passion.

Life Path 2

Moonstone and Turquoise

With a Number 2 Life Path, you are a peacemaker. Moonstone helps amplify your connection to the Divine Feminine and your natural healing abilities. Turquoise helps you create unity in love and friendship.

Life Path 3

Carnelian and Blue Kyanite

With a Number 3 Life Path, you are creative. Carnelian heats up your creative juices, helping you bring your visions into reality. Blue Kyanite assists you in your gift of communication and gives you tranquility.

Life Path 4

Hematite and Malachite

With a Number 4 Life Path, you are the salt of the earth. Hematite protects, grounds, and strengthens you so you can do the practical work you love. Malachite transforms any negatives into positives.

Life Path 5

Aquamarine and Citrine

With a Number 5 Life Path, you live for freedom. Citrine happily supports you on your free-spirited adventures and fires up your creativity. Aquamarine supplies you with ample courage to fulfill your dreams.

Life Path 6

Amethyst and Rose Quartz

With a Number 6 Life Path, you were made for love. Amethyst increases your psychic ability, heals your soul, and helps you create inner balance. Rose Quartz helps you manifest love in all its forms.

Life Path 7

Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

With a Number 7 Life Path, you seek truth. Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and will aid you in healing meditation, bringing greater light into your life. Lapis Lazuli helps you discern the truth in all things.

Life Path 8

Golden Topaz and Black Tourmaline

With a Number 8 Life Path, you carry great inner power. Golden Topaz is potent in attracting success and abundance. Black Tourmaline is a powerful, grounding protector that repels any negative energy.

Life Path 9

Sapphire and Jade

With a Number 9 Life Path, you are a humanitarian. Sapphire brings higher love, greater wisdom, and a deeper connection to the guidance of Spirit. Jade blesses you with good fortune, abundance, and healing.

Life Path 11


With a Number 11 Life Path, you are the Master Illuminator. Ruby helps you gain extraordinary spiritual enlightenment and the passion and power to share your creativity. It fills you with Divine Inspiration so you may bring greater light into the world.

Life Path 22


With a Number 22 Life Path, you are the Master Builder. Emerald helps you imbue love into everything you build. It empowers your gift of leadership, attracts great abundance, and fills your heart with joy.

Life Path 33


With a Number 33 Life Path, you are the Master Teacher. Diamond helps you feel the love of Higher Power as you teach, heal, and guide others with clear sight. It strengthens your connection to the Divine with perfect purity.

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