Psychic Workout: Connecting With His Deceased Sister

Edward wrote:

My sister recently passed away, and although I feel her spirit around me, I have not been able to communicate with her. Can you offer any advice as to how I can connect with her?


Dear Edward,

It is comforting knowing that the recent loss of a loved one doesn’t have to feel like a loss at all. This simple exercise will allow you to contact her and provide an ethereal location for future meetings.

1. Create a sacred space.
Begin by creating a quiet space which will be conducive for deep, uninterrupted work. Focus on your intention of contacting your sister as you create this sacred space. You may choose to get as elaborate as creating a shrine or altar space.

2. Prepare to meet.
Close your eyes. Sitting comfortably, or lying down, take several deep, calming breaths until you feel the daily worries and to-do list escape your thoughts and are left with a clear mind. Having mental clarity is important because your mind serves as the projector of images where you will view your reconnection with your sister.

Visualize your strongest memory of your sister. What did you do together? Where were you when these events took place? Perhaps your most impressionable memory is the time you jogged together in the park. Allow your mind to drift into that distant memory that you hold dear.

3. Invite your loved one to join you.
Do you see yourself jogging laps in the park, but your sister is absent? Replay that brief segment in your mind, over and over, inviting her to come into your vision. Tell her that you will continue jogging until she is able to join. If you feel comfortable voicing a prayer or blessing to her, feel free to speak it aloud or project the message through your thought. Are there things you wanted to tell her but didn’t have the chance to say? The deeper you allow your emotions to take you, the more successful your reunion will be.

3. When spirit enters…
As you await her entrance, allow your senses to heighten. Spirits will appear utilizing different methods for manifestation. Some will speak, gently touch, some will appear physically. Pay attention to all of your senses, following whatever leads you are given. Do you feel a breeze near your side? Hear the distant echo of her voice? Smell her perfume? Focus on the strongest impressions you receive. These impressions will form the initial connection with your sister as you mentally continue to jog in the park.

I am hoping that by now you can see her next to you, realizing that she has been there all along. What is the first thought that enters your mind or first message you hear? Do not dismiss images or thoughts as an overactive imagination. This is the pitfall many people descend into and inadvertently shut-down their abilities. Instead, strive to feel as though you can hear messages with your heart as you carry on the conversation with your mind. Allow your communication to build as you would in a casual conversation.

4. Have patience.
If she hasn’t appeared yet, it is important that you do not become frustrated. Spirits may appear immediately, or sometimes there are obstacles which require several sessions for you to finally connect. Often spirits have to be pulled down from a higher resting place and sometimes they may be a little reluctant. Developing this skill does take practice, but once you master this ability, you will never feel alone.

5. Saying goodbye…
Indulge in this healing encounter with your sister until you feel complete, or until you sense her energy begin to dissipate. Don’t worry about the connection ending – you can always come back. Before parting, thank her for communicating with you. You may be surprised to learn that spirits too must utilize a lot of energy to be able to successfully connect with us. Just as you are discovering your technique, what works and what doesn’t, she is as well.



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