No Tears in Heaven

Validation in a psychic reading can come in the form of a description, an event, or a piece of information that there is no way a reader can know – except psychically. It helps the caller connect to the information the psychic is about to give them next in their reading, because the validation is specific to them.

Most often, I get a picture of the caller and see, hear or feel what’s going on in their life, Michael ext. 9604 explains. “In rare cases, someone from the other side presents themselves with a message. This doesn’t always happen, we certainly don’t expect it and we don’t guarantee it… it just happens. When it does, the information can be pivotal in helping the caller heal and move on in life.”

This was the case with Amy (not her real name) who called the empath, psychic and clairvoyant several months ago for the first time. She’d been in a relationship for about six months. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance, but it was a real relationship – there was something very good there and Amy believed it was worth pursuing. But they both had a difficult time expressing their feelings and Amy wondered if Michael would look into the situation for her. “We’re so serious together. I think we have the potential to have much more fun,” she told the psychic.

Michael immediately saw a photo of a man on a glass table top, and a smaller one on a mantel. The man, he believed, was not the man she was calling about. The photos, Amy confirmed, were of her fiancé who had died two years earlier in a car accident. They had been living together when the tragedy occurred. But Amy felt that her fiancé would have wanted her to move on and be happy. She had put the past to rest, and needed insight into her new relationship with Jordan.

Michael told Amy that he felt they needed to have some dates outside of their homes. I saw them staying in together and felt it would be important to get some distance from the home she had shared with her fiancé. “Go out to dinner and the movies or any other activities you enjoy. Leave the house and have some fun,” the empath advised.

A week later Amy called back. They had two dates out… they were livelier, they had laughed together. She felt they had connected on a different level and as a result felt closer to Jordan. “Why did our dates go better when we went out?” she asked the psychic.

It looked to Michael as if she’d barely changed the house since the accident. “I am quite sure that Jordan wonders if you’re really ready for another relationship,” the psychic responded. At that, Michael says Amy began to cry.

“I know it’s not true, but sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on my fiancé. How long should I grieve? How long before it’s okay to fall in love again? Sometimes I get terribly confused about caring for Jordan as much as I do,” she sobbed.

Michael told Amy that he understood that her fiancé’s car accident had come about due to an odd set of circumstances… he had not planned to be out at all that evening. Amy was shocked that Michael saw this so clearly, so she asked the psychic if he could see Ty.

“Suddenly, out of my back window, I had the most vivid visual of a vintage muscle car, a convertible blue Mustang with a roll bar, coming to a screeching stop on my back lawn,” he remembers with awe. “It’s almost as if the tire tracks are there to this day! The driver had windblown hair and a huge smile on his face as he turned towards me.”

As Michael described his vision, Amy exclaimed, “That’s Ty! That was his dream car.”

“He’s telling me to have you look for his jacket with the embroidery on it. Does that make sense?” Michael asked. “There’s something in the pocket he wants you to find.”

Amy, walked from closet to closet still on the phone. “Check the winter storage closet Michael told her.”

“Okay, I found the jacket but there’s nothing in the pocket.”

“It’s in the left-hand pocket,” Michael remembers directing her.

“Oh my god,” she cried as she pulled out Ty’s lucky Canadian coin.

“I don’t need any more signs,” Amy said relieved. “This is a message from Ty that I’m not a bad person for falling in love again.”

The last time Michael heard from Amy was a month ago. She hadn’t told Jordan about the reading, but she did pack away her fiancé’s things, painted the front room, bought a few pillows and other things to freshen up the house. And Amy made a point to talk to Jordan about her feelings for him and about commitment.

“I know that sometime in the future we’ll be engaged,” she said telling Michael that this time she had only called to thank him.

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