What’s Your Dream Job?

In today’s job market, many focus just on maintaining a job, or finding one beneath their skill set in order to pay the bills. Some employers have even added the extra caveat that only applicants with jobs need apply. How do we change the focus to a more positive one?

A few years ago, I asked a disgruntled employee I inherited to create his dream job description. A week later he e-mailed me a link to a job posting he had found online. He missed the point of the exercise. I wanted to know how he envisioned his dream job in his own words, so he would think about it and how to make it happen. When he forwarded me his resume, I knew why he wasn’t progressing. It was written like a laundry list, or the resume of someone who had just graduated high school, and it lacked any of the qualifications he had that met the requirements of the dream job, even though I knew he had them.

What’s your dream job? If you aren’t in it at the moment, are you finding a way to make it happen? Are you taking classes to learn a new business to explore starting your own business? What’s your next step?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream Job?

  1. velvetoversteel

    Great post, Colleen! That is exactly what I have been doing this year. Describing my dream job, to myself and anyone who will listen. 🙂 I have been taking classes, trainings and anything I can find in the field I want to be in.

    Gina Rose, you are right on with your advice too! I do talk to people in the field I ‘dream’ of, networking as much as I can and learning something amazing everyone I meet. Another idea is to ask yourself: If I had no fear, what job or career would I do. Then get out of your comfort zone, take a risk… and Go for it!!

    Hugs and & Blessings,

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Now, more than ever, it is possible to go for, or create, your own dream job or career ( and walk your Karmic path as well)……as we go thru this lengthy transit period. I mentioned walking your Karmic path because many are intuitively pulled to a certain dream job, or particular career field, because of their inate Karmic gifts.

    If you lack the skills you need….look into ways, maybe thru grants even, that enable you to acquire those skills. Important to try to find and talk to people that are already in your dream field or job, or business…..learn from them……networking is all important too. Acquire as much knowledge, and from as many varied sources as you can about your dream job or field.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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