3 Signs They’re Trying to Steal Your Job

Signs They are Trying to Steal Your Job

Are Buzzards Circling Your Desk and Trying to Steal Your Job?

If someone’s gunning for your job (unfortunately, they probably are), you need to be armed and ready to fire back against this very real threat. In fact, in this (still) difficult job market—an aftermath of the recent recession, foreign market competition and even technology—jobs (wonderful, crumby or otherwise) are a sought-after commodity that people are clamoring for. Here are three signs someone is trying to steal your job and what you can do about it.

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Your New Office BFF

You’ve been at the company for months or years and that coworker who barely says a word to you suddenly wants to be your best friend. Now they’re asking you to lunch or inviting you out for drinks after work. Don’t be fooled by the new BFF! They’re not your “Best Friend Forever;” they’re your new “Best Fake Friend.” They like being seen with you because of the job you hold, which just happens to be the job they covet. They’ll ask you questions and try to get you to divulge confidential and insider information. If you suspect your new BFF is trying to steal your job, be polite, but don’t help them by giving them that insider information they so desperately crave.

The Idea-Stealer

The first step to stealing your job is stealing your ideas—at least the good ones. Suddenly someone else is getting the credit for your ideas, and you’re left in the dust. If you’ve got an idea about a project or a way to bring in more business, the first thing to do is to write it down in an email and send it to yourself. Time-stamped, written proof is pretty hard for an idea-stealer to argue against. They may try to deny it, but you’ve covered your bases and you can now catch them in their lie.

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The Helper

Not everyone who offers to help you get stuff done is trying to steal your job, but look out for the overly helpful person who only shows up when your boss is around. Maybe they include them in their emails offering you help. If they do, there’s a good chance they want to be seen as someone who can do your job and they want to make it look like you can’t. There’s nothing wrong with enlisting coworkers to help you get your work done, but be suspicious of the coworker who offers their help unsolicited. They could be trying to steal your job. If you need help, enlist another coworker whom you trust or talk to your manager about re-prioritizing your projects. This should make the unsolicited offers of help go away.

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Don’t Get Paranoid!

Some people just want to be helpful. Some people just want to get to know you. I don’t want you to be suspicious of your coworkers, but if you know someone who has any of these habits, take notice. They may be trying to steal your job. The idea-stealer is perhaps the most obvious of these three characters, but if unsolicited help or a new office BFF make you suspicious, you now know a few ways to dissuade them.

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12 thoughts on “3 Signs They’re Trying to Steal Your Job

  1. JoeJoe

    This is so true I just lost my job to my Assistant /BFF , I took her in my home go on vacations with her, beg my CEO to give her a permanent position because she was a temp. She stabbed me in the back and took my job right before my eyes and just disappear out of my life. Now she is the Manager.

  2. Mary E Gilchrist

    Yes iv had this happen to me . Got a girl a sitting job and she made herself more likeable than me .Ain’t know telling what she told or said about me . But it makes you feel so devastated and belittled .

  3. LJ

    Hi readers. Thanks so much for liking my article. All of you make very valid points and I see many of you have lived through this experience. I was also a legal assistant for many years and have seen my share of BFFs and buzzards circling my desk. When you work your way up a steep and hard-to-climb ladder at work, there’s always going to be those who want to take the short-cut to get themselves where you are. Very few of them realize just what your job entails until they get the real opportunity to either take it or take advantage of you leaving it behind. You can draw some satisfaction in knowing that they were probably quite surprised at all you seemed to do so seamlessly. There are no short-cuts to the top and people who do this find out rather quickly that they’ve taken on more than they bargained for.
    The upside? If it’s meant to be, then it will happen – leaving you open to take on new adventures and new opportunities. If you’ve lost your job to someone like this just look forward into your future with a smile and feel secure in the knowledge that the truth always comes out and that those BFFs will have to do some real scrambling to match your skills or do your job the way you did.
    Thanks for your comments.
    ~LJ Innes

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article, LJ !!!!

    ( This article was written by LJ Innes ).

    All very true points, it’s sad that people have to resort to such ruthless and manipulative tactics in the workplace.
    I’ve seen this even in my field, the psychic field, which is a highly competitive field, and it turns my stomach…. my thought is always this : if you are going to work in a spiritual field, it helps to walk a spiritual path.

    Great article, LJ, please keep them coming.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. maurice smook

    I have called it retirement. The person who was so gong ho in taking my job he can have it. I am proud for the job that I have done so well. I have no regrets. No one having died while I was on the job. Certain jobs look easy. This job what I was hired for had its moments. Not even God can shove me toward Hell. At least I was a human being. I never pointed fingers at individuals who had problems. Many of them I had compassion for. Again I am proud of my record.

  6. Trinidad

    I wish I could read this article before but I was too naïve thinking that those BFF were trying to be my helpers, But what do you do when your boss is the one manipulating just to get rid of you, Finally they got away with it and I lost my job. Thank you I will keep this in mind

  7. carrie

    this reminds me of a “bff” i had and took years to shake her off. im self employed artist and courier and worked for high profile artist events locally, this person envied and coveted my lifestyle though she is in a totally unrelated career, not really understanding the workload behind the scenes but saw the resulting attention it drew when projects reached completion. after a while comments by word of mouth and facebook started to surface in her involvement with me, and i also felt drained and lethargic in her prescence, so i did the work she got the credit! i had to publically out her for plagarism and it took me months to recover for being made a mug of after she tied to humliiate me in front of one of my customers. i now feel so much lighter and freer and see this association as a form of psychic vampirism.

  8. Sherry

    I had someone do this – to a tee. Always helpful, cheerful, ever-on-the-ready to offer advice, in the presence of a power-that-be. When that power-that-be wasn’t anywhere in sight, Ms. Helpful was nowhere in sight, ignores you, or has the continual answer of “Oh, I have no idea” when asked a question should the boss not be present to hear.

    How do you handle this? Save up pertinent questions – and be sure to ask that one pertinent question when the boss is present – you’ll get an answer, but be sure to precede it with “I know all (this and this and this) – I just need to know….”

    Ask her to answer you something to complete a project that you’ve worked hard on and done 3/4 of the work to that point, and she’ll waits until the opportune moment to mention her one answer to you, in front of the boss, making it look as if you needed help for the entire project or something.

    How do you handle that? Get the answer from someone else, and be sure, if its a project you’ve worked hard to get together, that she doesn’t even know when you’re turning it in or as little as possible – get your answers, if needed – elsewhere, anywhere else.

    I am a legal assistant and have a lot of experience in seeing backstabbers and sabotaging co-workers and how they operate. Get one close friend at the office, smile and be friendly to others, but keep them at a distance…..and for that “one close friend” you suppose you have – don’t go overboard with something you know can bury you – because in a work environment, it gets petty and bad, quickly – and you’d be surprised what, as this Psychic explained, a “good friend” is capable of doing, or even implicating while pretending not to be – if it’s your neck or theirs….because it’s, unfortunately, a dog-eat-dog world out there. That’s the sad and sorry truth of it. Do your best to be friendly and helpful and a team player while at work – keep best ‘friendships’ out of the office – and ask those true friends how to handle the wolves in sheep’s clothing that you no doubt will encounter at work.


    1. Tanya

      Thanks for those reminders!!! I started to sense one of my co worker is acting like that. I m relatively blunt and this could worker is good at play tricks, this makes me very frustrated in office.

  9. Anne

    There`s only one way to describe this article: brilliant! It`s so informative and entertaining that it would make a terrific story line for a movie. Psychic Leo certainly has an excellent understanding of human nature which is a kind move for those of us who are all too often naïve to these manipulators in life. It`s much better to be aware of these mind games and protect yourself from them rather than to be terribly hurt by them. Coincidentally, my eldest daughter has been experiencing similar issues at work and I know that she would very much appreciate reading this article. Thankyou so much Psychic Leo!


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