One Less Glass Ceiling

On this day in 2000, Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady elected to the Senate (or any higher office). Having since been appointed Secretary of State (after becoming the first serious female contender for The White House), Clinton’s strength, passion and charisma can be traced straight back to her natal chart. When Hillary Diane Rodham was born (10/26/47 at 8 pm in Chicago), the Sun, Venus and Mercury were all in super-intense Scorpio. Combine this ferocity with a Moon in sensitive, creative Pisces and her intellectual, eloquent Gemini Rising and it’s easy to understand how her deep feelings, personal vision and the drive to see her goals to fruition came together over time to make her such a trailblazer. Finally, add to this mix a trio of planets (Mars, Pluto and Saturn) in fiery Leo, and Clinton’s destiny as a historic figure was all but foretold. No matter how you feel about her, there’s no denying Hillary Clinton is one of the most influential women — and people — of our time.

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