Money Strengths and Pitfalls

Some say that money can’t buy happiness, but other’s blame that statement on not knowing where to shop. So, whether you have it, want it, need it or worship it – there just may be an astrological base for your perception.

They tend to take an intelligent approach to the money that comes their way, always setting something aside for the unforeseen future. They don’t appreciate money for money’s sake, but they do enjoy the happiness it can bring to others. They are generous but conscientious. They care not about being rich or poor – their priority is to enjoy getting by.

To Pisces, money comes and money goes. They tend to live simply, yet elegantly. When they have it, they spend it. When they don’t, they won’t. The Pisces nature doesn’t allow them to become consumed with excess or lack, they just adjust to living within their means, whatever that may be.

For Aries, money represents freedom. And freedom is more important than the things that money can buy. Most Aries enjoy the challenge of making money and treat it like a game. When the mood hits them, they can be avid savers, sometimes crossing the line into being downright cheap. And yet they are capable of shopping sprees that can leave them seriously in the red!

They love money. Taurus enjoys the smell of a crisp bill, the rattle of change in a jar. They love to watch balances grow and reinvest dividends received. A Taurus would much rather pay with cash, and if credit must be used, they are likely to pay the balance in full before the bill comes in. While a Taurus may not go without, they tend to think long and hard before they treat themselves to a well-earned reward.

Gemini’s truest appreciation of money is the fact that it can be spent. Gemini likes to collect things – objects, trinkets, clothing, and credit cards. The sheer act of spending gives Gemini pleasure, often more pleasure than the things that they buy. While a Gemini may not be able to figure out where their money went, they are certain more will come to take its place.

They tend to look at money as security. As long as there is money in the bank, tomorrow will be okay. It doesn’t matter how much or how little they have, a Cancer will find a way to save. Clipping coupons and bartering for a better deal is the Cancer way of life. A penny earned is a penny that they can bury in a Mason jar in the yard, just in case they ever need it.

Money in the hands of a Leo is sure to swiftly leave. What Leo wants, Leo gets, and as long as it is spent before it is entered in the checkbook – well, it never really existed. Leo believes that if they need more money, they’ll make more money. More often than not, they are right. Leo’s like money, but are way more appreciative of the elegance money can buy.

They are the accountants of the celestial world. They have every receipt, impeccable records, and budgeting procedures that could correct the financial imbalances of the world. Virgo’s tend to invest wisely, always planning for tomorrow. They will save for a vacation even if they have the cash in their pocket. While Virgo is driven by the need for financial security, wealth can be a happy side-effect of their original goal.

Libra is funny when it comes to money. They definitely are gifted when it comes to handling finances, because they love living the good life filled with expensive things they buy to make themselves happy. Their love of luxury makes them excellent with a budget and investments that will pay off in the long run.

To Scorpio, money is power, and achieving power is their personal challenge. Scorpio people can stretch a dime as far as a dollar, and will sacrifice things on the monetary plane in order to achieve their goals. You can never judge a Scorpio’s net worth by their appearance, they have the gift of looking as if they have a million bucks, even if their bank account is overdrawn.

Sagittarius could honestly care less about money. It is only metal, paper or plastic. What matters to them are the experiences money allows them to have. Generous to a fault, a Sagittarius is prone to giving away their last dollar. They are just as likely to pay the rent as they are to rent a private jet to entertain their friends with that month’s rent money – it simply depends on their mood.

They are blessed with the ability to make and multiply their money, crying poor all the way to the bank. While they can be cheap and downright greedy, they can also reach deep into their pockets to help a friend in need. The biggest thrill to a Capricorn, when it comes to their funds, is just knowing they have them – and that they’re safe and sound..

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