Money Matters

Our psychics tell us that in the recent weeks, caller’s concerns have shifted from love to money, work and career. People are concerned with lay-offs, finding new jobs, belt tightening, the rapid increase in prices for energy and food – plus the value of their investments, especially real estate. Their biggest overall concern is weathering the recession, which our callers say they can no longer deny.

California Psychics believe that everyone has a personal financial path to follow, even in tough times. Callers may need to make some compromises in the coming years, but if they look at them from a positive standpoint, rather than from a place of fear, they can manage this economic setback with a more spiritual outlook and favorable outcome.

“It’s obvious that there’s a recession. America’s in a slump right now, but I believe it’s only temporary,” Miss Krystal ext. 9192, a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Medium predicts. “The problem is that we’ve been in a boom for so long, that people are bewildered by the idea of making adjustments to their lifestyle.”

I have a client who went to Europe to work for an elite design house for several years. Now that she’s back in the United States, she thought she’d be able to get an executive position in New York’s fashion industry. But high level jobs have been cut, and my client has been out of work for months. Yet she isn’t willing to take a job with less status and less money, just to get her foot in the door, Miss Krystal tells. “In this case, making it through the recession has a great deal to do with ego. I see that dreamer’s think their lives have to go one way and one way only… When I do readings, I see many options for them.”

Maryanne ext. 9146, a former corporate Vice President and a fourth-generation psychic sees a similar trend. At first people who had been laid off, were much more optimistic about finding similar or even better employment. Questions ranged from, Will I get a better job? to Should I ask for more money? Now people are just plain concerned as to whether or not they’ll actually get a job, asking How will I survive this recession?

Our psychics’ advice includes, making fewer flamboyant purchases, avoid credit card spending, realize that if you have purchased property recently, or are planning to buy real estate now, you’ll need to afford to hang on to it before you can make a profit. For some people, belt tightening means a two week vacation in Hawaii, rather than six weeks in Europe.

For others, it may mean one trip to the mall a month, rather than four or five. And for those who are hit hard, the reality of these financial times may involve selling a car, taking on two jobs, or going back to school to acquire more marketable skills. In fact, going back to school during a recession can be your best use of time – one that will benefit your overall financial well-being over a lifetime. Don’t think in terms of one to two years, look at the big picture over ten or more years to make the best decisions.

“What’s key is those who will make it through what I see to be 26 to 33 months of recession,” Maryanne predicts, “are those who are inclined to make these kinds of adjustments.”

Regarding overall career questions, Astrologer and Tarot reader Phillip ext. 9485 asserts that this is not the time for people to run from their problems! If you’re in a job and things aren’t going well, a reading can tell you if you need to stick it out and perhaps learn some lessons, or if you’re on a career path that may need some change. “Prosperity is a global concept, which relates to our health and relationships, too,” he adds. “For instance, I had a client who had Virgo in six planets. She wasn’t sure why she was miserable at work, but she saw that her unhappiness was seeping into other corners of her life. Her astrology and cards suggested that she was meant to be a spiritual mentor. When she decided that she could comfortably take the risk to become a life coach, she opened herself to her spiritual purpose and began to thrive on many levels.”

In these times, our psychics all agree, you have a choice. You can look for opportunities to shift your perspective and your position in life, or you can be paralyzed by fear. We all have a choice.

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