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Increase Your Career Karma | California Psychics

Karma in the Workplace

No matter what line of work you’re in, being a force of positivity always pays off. Sure, some industries are more cutthroat than others but, in the long run, manifesting good career karma will pave the way for increased success. And, let’s be honest, being a good person, in general, will bring you more happiness and better karma overall.

To maintain strong working relationships with your colleagues, stand out as a positive leader in your office and help yourself advance in your career. Try out the following advice for increasing your career karma.

Radiate Positivity in Meetings
Be the person who contributes solutions—not the one who only voices problems or grievances. Use meeting time to share your ideas and opinions in ways that are constructive and meaningful to your team (and your higher-ups). Shooting down other people’s ideas or dominating the time with your own thoughts will only decrease your karma. Be a force for positivity and creativity by encouraging others, while also showcasing your smarts.

Avoid Office Gossip
Increasing your career karma is as much about your performance as an employee (or boss) as it is about being a nice person in general. Foster goodwill within your workplace by steering clear of negative talk about other people in your office. You don’t have to like everyone, but you should treat everyone with respect by not talking about them behind their backs. If you have grievances that are serious, discuss them in private with your manager—or with your friends or partner outside of the office.

Say Yes to Helping Colleagues Out
When someone on your team needs a hand, be the person to step up and put in the extra effort. This shows that you’re willing and able to work as a unit with others and it will increase your career karma if you find yourself in the opposite situation someday. When you’re willing to help others, other people are more willing to help you, after all.

Celebrate Other People’s Successes
When colleagues get promoted—or find success in their personal lives by getting married, having a baby or winning awards—be a cheerleader. Sure, it’s easy to feel jealous or wistful when good things happen to other people instead of you. But look at other people’s success as a measure that anyone and everyone will eventually rise and experience abundance in all forms. Organize celebratory lunches or happy hours. Buy a card and ask everyone at the office to sign it. Congratulate your colleagues on the good things that happen in their lives and they’ll see you as an advocate and force of positivity.

Be a Mentor
Let your career karma trickle down to the next generation. If you have interns in your office, don’t scoff at their (perceived) incompetence if they have questions or mess up a project inadvertently. Teach them the right way of doing things, whether it’s setting up a conference room or even brewing coffee. Take the time to get to know them, their ambitions and, at the very least, their names. Be a good example for these young people and show them the right way to behave in a professional office—by treating everyone with the respect they deserve.

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