How To Deal With a Bad Boss

Bosses can make or break a job. If you’re working for someone you can’t stand, even the cushiest gig can be hard to take. If you’ve got a great boss, even a difficult job can be bearable. Most of the time, bosses fall somewhere in the middle.

But what about when your feelings for your boss are really extreme? How do you deal with a bad boss – or handle it when you’ve got the hots for him?

Breaking free of bad boss
Having a difficult boss can make life miserable. Not only does he control your work day, your job and your salary, he can also dramatically influence the future of your professional career.

If your boss is unbearable, there’s really only one solution: get out! Work hard, have a good attitude and stay professional, but do everything you can to find a better job – and a better boss.

Of course the only thing trickier than dealing with a boss you can’t stand it’s dealing with a boss you can’t stop dreaming about. Here are some tips for how to handle having the hots for your boss.

Do a reality check
You’re not the first person to have a crush on a boss. When you spend so much time working in close proximity with someone you’re attracted to, it’s bound to happen.

But what does that mean for your life? Is it an innocent crush, or is there real potential for a romance?

If you’re not sure what’s real and what’s in your head, take a step back from your feelings and do a reality check. Pay attention to how he interacts with you versus your other co-workers. And if you have a close friend at work you trust with the delicate situation, ask her honest opinion.

Just a crush
Once you’ve decided whether it’s just a crush or something more serious, it’s time to take action. If it’s just a crush, you’ve got to find a way to continue to be professional. It’s okay to be friendly, but be careful not to cross the line into flirtation. Don’t let a crush interfere with your career – or worse yet, your personal life. Just because you like the guy you work with every day, doesn’t mean you want to go to bed alone every night.

True Love
If you think there’s a real connection between you and the boss, honesty is your only option. But instead of throwing yourself at him, try to test the waters by asking subtle questions first. If he doesn’t respond, and you want to pursue it, you’ll have to be more direct. But be warned: not only are you risking your heart, you might be risking your job.

If your boss doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it may be difficult to continue your professional relationship. If he does return your feelings, it still might be difficult – and in some cases against company policy – to continue working together.

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