Is There a Career Change in Your Future?

Is There a Career Change in Your Future?

4 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Your job is your livelihood and deciding to leave it is a major life decision. That’s why you need to weigh the pros and cons. Every job has its ups and down, but if your job has more downs than ups, it may be time to leave it for a job that’s more enjoyable. You spend so much time at work, so why not make it a positive experience? If you’re in a less-than-ideal work situation, you may be looking for the signs it’s time for a career change. Here are my top four.

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1. You No Longer Feel Challenged
Your work day goes by so slowly when you’re feeling bored. It may be time for a career change if you’re restless and apathetic most of the day. After all, if you’re apathetic about work, you could become apathetic about your existence! Yes, that may sound extreme, but feeling weary will surely zap your creative energy, ambition, and purpose. If your job doesn’t incite any kind of spark in you—or you simply feel fatigued by the very thought of being in the office—it’s time to rethink your current position.

2. Your Work Environment is Toxic
We’ve all had a coworker or boss we just didn’t get along with. For the most part, however, these personality clashes are fairly easy to live with—or at least navigate so that you can effectively do your job day in, day out. But in some cases, the office becomes a breeding ground for misplaced egos, condescension, and total toxicity. If you’re getting put down or are surrounded by gossip and back-stabbing, or if you feel like you’re being asked to act in unethical ways, it’s time for a career change.

3. You Dread Going Into the Office Each Morning
Perhaps you just feel a general sense of uneasiness on your morning commute. You might not really like your job, or your company may be moving in a direction that doesn’t suit you, or perhaps your team tends to overlook your contributions. You may just feel apprehensive about the whole situation. If you love your line of work and want to thrive at what you do, then your current situation certainly won’t lead you to rock-star status in your career. Do what you love—just do it somewhere else and make a career change.

4. Your Stress Levels Affect Other Areas of Your Life
When your anxiety or anger about work start creeping into your home life, particularly your relationships, it’s time for a career change. Life is too short to have your job threaten the bonds you have with other people, especially those nearest and dearest to you. A bad work situation can make you quick to anger, depressed, irritable, and generally negative when it comes to just about anything. Even a cushy salary and sweet corner office aren’t worth the emotional toil that can come with a job that sucks the happiness from you. Your talents and skills will be appreciated elsewhere.

You spend so much time at work, so wouldn’t it be nice to love what you do? Whether you want to get a promotion, start a new career, or make the best of the job you currently have, one of our career advice psychics can help. All you need to do is call for a career advice psychic reading and they’ll do the rest.

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