2021 Numerology and Predictions

2021 Numerology and Predictions | California Psychics

Numerology and the Year of 5

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they affect us on the cosmic plane. Simply put, it’s life’s vibrations in numeric form. 2021 is a 5 year. While 2020, a 4 year (2+0+2+0=4) was a year of hard work and foundation building, 2021 (2+0+2+1=5) carries magical enchantment within it, for now is the time you can build upon last year’s foundations to create the kinds of changes you want to have in your life.

A Charismatic Number

Many famous people carry the 5 vibration in their life path or in the day they were born, such as the 5th, 14th, or 23rd. (The Life Path number is found by adding up the month, day, and year of birth.) Witness how they work their versatile, mercurial, communicative 5 energy. Here are some examples of those with a 5 Life Path:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Don Johnson
  • Bette Midler
  • Mick Jagger
  • Coretta Scott King
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Clark Gable

A Number of Change

A 5 year represents many things, including change, freedom, flexibility, adaptability, and fun. It can be a time of learning, and a year in which you will do well as long as you expect the unexpected. Even happy change can be stressful, but you will certainly be able to accept and tolerate change well now. 5 energy will help you with anything you want to shake up, shake off, or let go of to make room for more of the good stuff.

Although people with 5 energy often sound the battle cry of freedom, they can also be devoted and faithful to anyone or anything as long as they don’t feel restrained. They don’t do well being micro-managed or kept on a leash of severe control, and they will bust out, leap the fence, and run free as a wild mustang as soon as they can find the way to do so from any perceived oppression. Yet they can be trusted to do their job and do it well as long as no one is breathing down their neck.

5 Can Make You Famous

Fame can be achieved with 5 energy, but it will often take struggle, strife, and unexpected challenges to attain it. 5s tend to be playful, imaginative, creative, and many are exceptional writers, comedians, emcees, hosts, actors, dancers, and even musicians. Many 5s carry potent sexual energy that makes would-be lovers swoon. 5s tend to be courageous, adventurous, risk-takers, and gamblers. They are expressive, persuasive, and magnetic. Many are natural salespeople. They can also be curious, analytical, and tend toward scientific thinking.

5 in Love

In love, 5s can get very excited about something or someone, only to drop it or them, cold a short time later. They are not terribly fond of discipline and can be rather impulsive. 5s love celebrations because they are the party! They tend to have a great sense of humor. They adore travel, meeting new people, exploring new worlds, languages, and making new friends, of which they typically have many. 5 is associated with youth, and some 5s behave in child-like ways. Naughty 5s can be childish, selfish, and irresponsible.

The Numerology and Tarot Connection

In Tarot, 5 represents many things, including power struggles. First there’s the Hierophant (spiritual authority, religious beliefs, tradition, the High Priest, counterpart to the High Priestess, listening within, and Taurus). The 5 of Cups (focusing on spilled cups/pain/grief, but not noticing the full cups/happiness/joy/redemption/fulfillment right there waiting for you to see them), the 5 of Wands (struggle, strife, anger, competition, fighting, wild sexual/creative energy, chaos). The 5 of Swords (win the battle but lose the war, feeling defeated, pyrrhic victory, a fight not worth having), and finally the 5 of Pentacles (feeling alienated, broke and broken, cast out into the cold, but the light is still glowing within you.)

5 in the Sky

5 is attached to these zodiac signs: Gemini (The Communicator), Virgo (The Thinker), Leo (The Ruler), and Aries (Mars, the God of War.) Mercury’s number is 5; curious, quick, communicative, playful, youthful, fun, and often showing ingenuity and a dual character. On the Kabbalah Tree of Life, 5 is Sephiroth Geburah (or Gevurah), representing Strength, Severity, Judgement, and Power.

Predictions for Life Path Numbers in 2021

1 – Exciting new beginnings await you, 1. You are all about new starts and this year is filled with them. You will be in hot pursuit of happiness, love, and money, and you’re certain to find them.

2 – You will feel a lot of playful energy in your relationships, 2. You will find greater freedom in your life. If you are single, you could meet an enticing new lover.

3 – You will discover more about your wonderful sense of humor and how you can make people laugh with delight this year, 3. Your inner comedian will thank you for it.

4 – At last you get a chance to change the difficult places in your life, 4. You deserve the joy you will be sure to experience this year as a wonderful reward for all of your hard work last year.

5 – This year is paradise for you, 5. You’ll experience delicious freedom, joy, and adventure. You can expect the unexpected, but don’t worry, for you will be flexible and adaptable to changes.

6 – Fun, excitement, and lots of passionate lovemaking for you this year, 6. You can let go of most heavy burdens and responsibilities and enjoy the sensual pleasure of being alive.

7 – You will feel less need for introspection this year 7. All of the thinking, analyzing, and researching you did last year will transform into a relaxed sense of freedom for you now.

8 – You get to throw off the harness of hard work more often and roll in the clover while you revel in the rewarding excitement coming your way this year, 8.

9 – Now is when you give yourself the pleasure of just letting go and having fun adventures, 9. You instinctively know how to release the negative as you simultaneously magnetize your good.

11 – You’ll witness the magical enchantment of your creativity come to life now, 11. Watch how many of your storybook dreams are sure to be fulfilled. Rejoice!

22 – Lots of the positive changes you’ve been working hard to create come to pass this year, 22. You will feel like the King or Queen of your domain as unexpected rewards roll in.

33 – The joy of more love of all kinds, including sex and passion, is yours now, 33. This is the year of You with lots of playful and rewarding “me-time”!

A Closer Look at Numerology

For a deeper dive into Numerology, use the chart below to discover your destiny, personality, and soul urge numbers, and for a more in-depth reading, be sure to get a reading with a Numerology Psychic.

Numerology Chart | California Psychics

A Year of Change

A 5 year may seem a little dicey at times, with chance and change and an anything-can-happen vibe, but it’s filled with excitement, adventure, and a whole lot of fun. Heaven knows, all the world could use a little bit of the lightheartedness it promises. It’s also preparation for 6, the year of love, balance, healing, and harmony in all things, which is what 2022 will bring us (2+0+2+2=6).

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    Having something other than bad luck would be a weight off my shoulders, I am trying to heal and not beat myself over some horrible choices and I lost my daughter through what I did. I am supposed to get married but I am afraid he is not telling me the truth about our relationship. CAN I PUT MY HEART AND SOUL IN HIS HANDS AND FINALLY FEEL SAFE???


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