What Each Zodiac Sign Finds Attractive

What Each Zodiac Sign Finds Attractive | California Psychics

Zodiac Love Thoughts

It can be tempting to focus only on looks when we think of the word “attractive,” but there’s so much more involved when it comes to being magnetized to someone enough to want to bring them into your arms, your heart, and your life. Of course, it’s never just one thing that appeals to us; it comes down to the unique composition of each exquisite being we meet, including their combined mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. Astrology is a wonderful tool that can help us accurately pinpoint who we are, what we need, and certainly what we find most exciting and compatible among the zodiac! The mind is as important as the body, but the soul rules them all.

What’s Most Attractive to Each Sign?

To find out what each zodiac sign finds attractive, please be sure to read the sun, moon, and rising sign of everyone you want to know about, beginning with your lovely self!


A Ram might have invented that phrase about the fast and the furious when it comes to quickly moving into the bedroom, but there are a few quick steps you need to take first to chase an Aries before they’re interested in you. Let them see what you’re passionate about, what you’re willing to fight for, and look your best doing it, and they’ll suddenly be paying you rapt attention, for you will remind them of, well, themselves.


Can you cook? Then you’re halfway there with the Bull. Seriously. Taureans love good food and that is one proven way to reach their hearts. They are also attracted to the qualities of loyalty, commitment, and willingness to work hard. They definitely respect financial well-being and generosity. Dedication to sensual pleasure will take you far with them, as long as it is with only them.


The mind is the sensual haven of the Twins. Geminis find knowledge incredibly sexy and will fly to you like bees to honey if you really know your stuff. They are very attracted to your open, non-judgy acceptance of them. They adore going on spontaneous, fun adventures with you. They love when you listen to them talk, because they sincerely need to be heard.


The Crab may live in a hard outer shell of protection, but true romance will reach their soft pink insides in a sparkling instant. Bring on the candlelit dinners, make them feel safe and secure, help them calm their fears and anxieties, show patience with their crankier side, and they’ll be attracted to you so hard, they’ll stick to you like mussels to a sea rock.


The Big Cats need a paramour of whom they can be proud. They want to see you dressed to the nines so they can stroll all around town with your glamorous self. Is there a little vanity here? Maybe. But it can be a lot of fun turning heads because you and your Lion look that good together. Is your heart totally invested in them? Do you genuinely adore them? Do you see their inner Queen or King and treat them accordingly? Then your Lion will purr with glee for you, perhaps for life.


Being pristine, clean, and neat in body, mind, and habits can curl the toes of the Virgin. Humbly display your high standards and continually strive for excellence in everything you do, for this fills them with a kind of ecstasy. Always show your best manners, court them as a way of being, work as hard as they do, and they will certainly fall madly in love with you.


The Venusian born can be easily pleased, if you are sweet, loving, well-dressed (the undressed part will come later if you’re lucky) and well-mannered. It doesn’t hurt to be gorgeous, because Librans adore beauty in everything, and in everyone. Deeply romantic gestures touch the hearts of Librans, so splurge on their favorite candies, flowers, and anything you know they love, and they might just love you right back.


Much has been said about the passionate, sexual, lusty side of the Scorpion, and while it’s true that there’s an ever-burning fire in the loins of any Scorpio, you must reach his or her heart first. Being loving, kind, committed, gentle, strong, bright, generous, and intuitive can draw the Scorpion to you like a cat to catnip. When in love, they give nothing less than their total heart, body, and soul. Match them, and you will know the true meaning of bliss.


Not all Archers move in on you fast and then run away even faster. Some stick around, if you can capture their wild imaginations. Keep an open mind and heart, be honest in what you say, be ready to gallop into adventure, and you can instantly attract the Centaur. Love with a light touch, allow them freedom and space, and watch how they keep wandering back to you.


A true and steadfast partner puts a twinkle in the eye of the Goat. They’ll adore you if you’re serious, responsible, and have respect for tradition. These down-to-earth beings are also enchanted by grace and class. If you embody sexy sophistication with a touch of delightful wickedness, you can make them climb mountains for you: Think of Capricorn Cary Grant (with Scorpio Grace Kelly) in, “To Catch a Thief.”


The Water Bearer will be won by first seducing their beautiful brain. Communicate your loving, caring, genuinely supportive feelings to them. Teach them that they can trust you. Be their true friend. Have their back. Let them see your vulnerable, silly, fun side. That’s what opens the floodgates of sensual riches in Aquarians. Prepare to be immersed in the sexiest, hottest, steamiest sauna of love you’ve ever experienced, because Aquarians can teach you wondrous new things about love.


You’ve heard about a meeting of the minds, but with the Fish, it’s a meeting of the souls. If your hearts and souls connect with that magical bond, sweet, sensitive, loving Pisceans can accept just about everything else about you. Once they gel with their soulmate, even if that soulmate doesn’t appear to totally fit the classically attractive ideal, they will see their lover as absolutely beautiful. Welcome to Heaven on Earth.

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