Your LOVECAST®: A Blaze of Passion

Your Love Horoscope

The moody vibe at the start of the week turns into a blaze of passion on Wednesday and Thursday. During the weekend, Saturday favors a slow, sensual approach to love, while Sunday may deliver a change in plans or perspective. Clarity may be in short supply on both days, however, so be mindful of mixed messages. Best days for socializing: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

Aries Love Horoscope

You may feel like you’re trapped in quicksand at the beginning of the week. A spontaneous or unusual date can bring delight on Wednesday or Thursday, when you’re likely to be attracted to someone at a party, club or restaurant. Romance can be found through a work contact or during a helpful activity this weekend.

Taurus Love Horoscope

A heated discussion may escalate into an argument at the start of the week. A cozy date at your abode will set passion ablaze on Wednesday or Thursday. Having friends over for dinner will energize you as well. You’re a magnet for admirers during the weekend, if you’re clear about your desires and intentions.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Analyzing the past will bring a valuable insight about love at the start of the week. Your humor or brainpower makes you irresistible on Wednesday and Thursday, when romance can be found online or through a class. Creating a party for friends or an intimate meal for two will bring satisfaction this weekend.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Emotions can be extreme at the beginning of the week, so don’t overreact. Letting your daring side out to play heats up intimacy on Wednesday and Thursday. Playfulness in the boudoir will intensify passion as well. Sharing your knowledge or humor is sure to attract admirers this weekend, or you may meet someone compatible online.

Leo Love Horoscope

A feeling of dissatisfaction may overtake you on Monday or Tuesday. Analyzing the past will bring an insight that helps. Sharing your unique style can prompt a sexy tryst on Wednesday, while flirting evokes the desired results on Thursday. Verbalizing your appreciation to someone you’re attracted to will inspire romance during the weekend.

Virgo Love Horoscope

A social gathering or group project may get prickly at the beginning of the week. An artsy but intimate ambiance will deepen passion on Wednesday or Thursday. Friday night is an excellent time for a sexy rendezvous! Your sensuality intensifies your mystique this weekend, but watch out for a miscommunication on Saturday night.

Libra Love Horoscope

A clash of wills with someone in authority may arise on Monday or Tuesday. Socializing can bring a romantic interlude mid-week, when a friend may introduce you to someone special. If you’re paired, spending time with mutual friends can bring delight. During the weekend, a peaceful setting will bring out the best in romance.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Secrecy or manipulation can unhinge romance on Monday. A direct expression of your feelings will ignite passion toward the middle of the week, when romance can be found through a colleague or work-related activity. Feelings may be muddled on Friday, so seek clarity. A friend or group may be instrumental in bringing romance this weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Sharing your sensitive side deepens intimacy on Tuesday. An activity that focuses on education, culture or spirituality can bring a romantic encounter toward the middle of the week, especially on Thursday, when your way with words is irresistible! Envisioning your relationship aspirations will help you attract a potentially meaningful relationship this weekend.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Stubbornness or willfulness can disrupt your closest relationship on Monday. A little drama in the boudoir is sure to fire up passion toward the middle of the week. Reminiscing about the past will inspire love as well. Romance can be found during a trip or spiritual activity this weekend, when your intuition is empowered.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

An issue about work may arise at the start of the week. Wednesday is an excellent time to meet someone interesting and/or unusual. Look for love during a group activity or community event on Thursday. A misunderstanding with your sweetie or close friend is likely on Friday. Getting in touch with your deeper instincts brings/intensifies passion this weekend!

Pisces Love Horoscope

Love is likely to seem complicated at the start of the week. A gift or gesture from the heart inspires romance on Wednesday or Thursday, but elusiveness can unhinge love on Friday. Partnership energy soars this weekend, when you’re likely to meet someone compatible. If you’re paired, sharing your deepest feelings will energize your relationship.

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5 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: A Blaze of Passion

  1. camash

    Im really digging my libra lovescope. Wish it was friday already cause i know whats already going on in my life that all relate to my lovescope and havent met this guy yet. I was having doubts about him but after reading that scope he got to be the one. only thing the guy who introduced me to him i wouldnt call him my friend. Not atleast i see how im going to get treated. Im now awaiting a phone call my scope say today or tmmr. So ill be patient and i wouldnt be suprised if before the night is over with i run into a real friend who can introduce me to someone im not having doubts about.

  2. elisabeth

    hey & this is elisabeth again !! & i do have 1 ?? abouth this week ‘s luv 4 cast prediction ?? SO PLEASE RIDDLE ME THIS THEN ?? ( & he 2 is a capricorn BUT I CHECK & BOTH OF THERE HOROSCOPES DID seem 2 MATCH out THE WEEK !! & but oh well i DID check OUT his & her’s horoscope ‘s OUT & IT did match up with his & verses what her’s had 2 say & it did match UP & 2 A / THE tea 2 !! & how ironic IS that you SEE ?? so do you GET IT where i am coming from ?? … OR can you see where i am coming from NOW ?? & i am not being insecure about my self @ all !! i suffer from lupus & NOW I DO HAVE THROAT CANCER 2 BOOT & NOW !! & that IT does not / & that IT has not ever STOPPED me ,EVER NOR DOES it EVEN bother me , NOR DOES it slow me down! all !!! so can you see where i am coming from ?? SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH 4 the head’s up & i DO hope that everybody ‘s elses horescopes work’s out A LOT better off than what my is OR WILL BE !! BUT IT SURE WOULD BE NICE 2 ?? IF IT COULD BE JUST PROVEN WRONG THIS 1 TIME THOUGH & THAT IS ALL THAT I AM ASKING 4 ??? SO I QUESS THAT I WILL be GETTING BACK 2 YOU ABOUT THIS TIME WITH NEXT WEEK’S LUV 4 CAST prediction BY NEXT WEEK 2 let you kmow how this week went with !! OR 4 the new LUV 4 CAST prediction ?? !! & i do not think that IT will BE the right LUV prediction ?? 4 me either & once AGAIN 4 ME in & i sure DO hope that everybody else’s does turn OUT better than my / OR 4 their luv 4 cast week & I DO HOPE THAT will IT BE A LOT BETTER 4 THEM IN THIS COMING WEEK & SORRY , but i do NOT & i can NOT see IT ?? SO & please wish me good luck IN the luv department this week & i so DO wish that my luv luck 4 cast 4 this week will be changing 4 the better & 4 this up coming luv 4 cast week 2 ?? ( :

  3. elisabeth

    hey this is elisabeth & once AGAIN …. & fyi i did check ON his luv 4 cast ( & he 2 IS A capricorn ) BUT & verses HIS & the other 1 ‘s luv 4 cast from his / & her’s luv 4 cast ) ( & by the way they were neighbor’s BUT & NOW she DOES LIVE THERE IN SC ) & TOO !! but & OH well & IT did seem 2 match up with HIS *& her’s AND 2 A TEA 2 !! & i am not A bit in secure , or with nata else in my whole entire life !! other than i have i suffer from lupus & NOW I DO have throat cancer BUT THAT DOES NOT EVEN BOTHER ME nor HAS it ever STOPPED ME OR NEVER OR EVER in the past , NOR IT DOES NOT HINDER ME OR @ ALL !! BUT ok & please tell ME OR ask your self this ?? 2 PLEASE RIDDLE ME THIS ?? SO YOU SEE & how ironic IS that OR this that IT would indeed match UP ?? SO DO YOU OR CAN YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN BY THIS for my weekly luv 4 cast? ? but @ least i can see how my capricorn ‘s luv 4 cast 4 this week IS gonna GO down!! so thank you 4 the head ‘s up !! & like i said ” i am just not seeing IT in my luv 4 cast prediction for OR IN my luv prediction / DEPARTMENT 4 just this week & i am sorry , & i still DO hope that i will BE proving wrong by ya ‘ll “LUV ‘ S ” prediction & JUST 4 this (1) time & please let it BE true & that my luv 4 cast e BE a great (1) 4 me this week ?? SO & I quess that we will just need 2 wait IT all OUT 2 see IF IT IS indeed does come true (1) 4 me ?? … so thank you very much !! ( :

  4. elisabeth

    thank you very much 4 my luv cast again this week but i do have a feeling that IT will not be going AS planned or as it IS predicted 2 be !! & i am very much believer in horoscopes but . but i DO have a ?? i am a capricorn & 4 the past 9 weeks my luv 4 cast has been ALL wrong ?? with only 1 exception when 2 weeks you did predict that someone from MY past that i did not know very well from before would be coming back into my life & THAT I WOULD BE SEEING THEM IN A WHOLE NEW / BUT IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT / OR KIND OF WAY !! SO & ok then , but it was 4 some one else that i know & that i DO really care about & THAT I AM VERY MUCH IN LUV WITH HIM 2 … & it was NOT EVEN IN my luv CAST 4 week @ all but in his .. SO & needless 2 say when IT did happen 2 him & i am / or was not thrilled about IT or @ all because It did indeed & 2 the contrary IT DID happen 2 just him ,because i do not know them from adam’s apple OR FROM before you see !! SO is IT just me ?? & it is not because i am A un believer because i am IN deed A horoscope & psychic believer & IT IS the very 1 st thing that i do in the morning’s before i even get out of the bed IS read my daily horescope from ya’ll which IS usually correct & right ON 2 by the way BUT NOT IN THE LUV DEPARTMENT though !! but in all honesty , i do NOT expect my luv 4 cast 4 this week luv 4 cast week 2 be any different this week or from the week prior , or from the past 9 week’s .. & i just do not see IT again happening or 4 this week , but i really do wish that IT would be correct 4 just this once !! & with that being said ‘ so thank you very much 4 another week’s luv 4 cast ‘ & i will BE sure 2 let you know how my weekly luv 4 cast does go & how IT goes down or play out 4 this week’s luv 4 cast this week 2 .. & again i do thank you !! & please Be blessed !! ( :


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