Your LOVECAST™: Stumbling Blocks Are Revealed

October 4-10, 2010

An analysis/review of your love life after Venus turns retrograde on Friday (through November 18) can reveal stumbling blocks in your relationships. This also applies to your sex life, because Venus is currently in Scorpio. It’s time to learn from the past. Thursday’s New Moon in Libra can bring a fresh perspective about your relationships during the next two weeks. Best days for socializing:  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: Thursday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of partnership activities. If you’re solo, this influence can make it easier to meet someone compatible during the next two weeks. Retrograde Venus encourages you to break down any emotional/sexual walls you have that hinder intimacy. Passion sizzles on Friday and throughout the weekend, although romance may be tempestuous….

Taurus: The New Moon on Thursday may bring a work opportunity and/or romance through a work project. And whether you’re paired or solo, retrograde Venus traveling through your partnership sector during the next four weeks can bring up past relationship issues so you can resolve them. This weekend, a sexy tryst brings out your lusty side!

Gemini: The New Moon on Thursday energizes your romance sector during the next two weeks and brings out your creativity. A relationship issue concerning the division of tasks (cleaning, cooking, paying bills, etc.) may crop up after Venus turns retrograde on Friday. Love is passionate but complicated this weekend. Twosome energy soars on Sunday night!

Cancer: Creating a beautiful home ambiance and hosting a party can bring satisfaction after Thursday’s New Moon. Retrograde Venus transiting through your romance sector will illuminate any issues you have about receiving and/or expressing love. A past creative project may come to life, too. This weekend, romance is steamy on Saturday and adventurous on Sunday!

Leo: Verbalizing your ideas and desires can bring good results after Thursday’s New Moon, which enhances your brainpower. Look for romance while traveling. Retrograde Venus can help you work through a family pattern that hinders your relationships. A cozy rendezvous at your home will fire up passion on Saturday. Romance escalates on Sunday night!


Virgo: The New Moon on Thursday energizes your need for both love and security in a relationship. Look for a moneymaking opportunity during the next two weeks. Talking about the past with your partner will clear the air and help your relationship move forward during retrograde Venus. Some verbal naughtiness sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Libra: The New Moon in your sign brings a new personal cycle by helping you get clear (and serious!) about your dreams. Retrograde Venus may bring up a relationship issue concerning values, priorities or spending. Also, a moneymaking opportunity may arise that’s connected to the past. Letting your instinctual side out to play fires up passion this weekend!

Scorpio: A serene and beautiful ambiance inspires love during (and after) the New Moon on Thursday, when you may find yourself discussing the past. Retrograde Venus in your sign during the next four weeks encourages you to analyze how you express what’s in your heart. This weekend, you’re a magnet for admirers from Friday through Sunday afternoon!

Sagittarius: A new social cycle begins with Thursday’s New Moon, so seek out contacts who are aligned with your dreams and goals. Your current friends can bring opportunities, too. Retrograde Venus is a double-whammy of energy that illuminates the past, which will help you heal emotional issues. Talking about the past can accelerate romance this weekend.

Capricorn: Sharing your expertise in a public forum or while socializing with friends can bring a relationship or career opportunity around the time of the New Moon. Retrograde Venus may prompt you to evaluate your friendships and aspirations to see whether they support your true path. A group gathering will likely bring a romantic interlude this weekend!

Aquarius: The New Moon illuminates your future if you listen to your inner voice. You may also feel the need to expand your education or focus on your spiritual life. An analysis of your work relationships can improve your career during retrograde Venus. This weekend, romance may come through a work activity, public event or colleague.

Pisces: Thursday’s New Moon brings out your need for more emotional/sexual intimacy, and can help you clear away emotional junk that blocks closeness. Retrograde Venus can bring romance through a spiritual or cultural activity that is connected to your past. It’s also time to review the spiritual connections in your relationships. Romance can be found during a cultural event or trip this weekend!

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