Your Weekly Career Horoscope for March 18 – March 24, 2013

Move Forward With Your Projects

The passionate creation you’ve been developing for the past month will be born this week, ready for the public. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are over and it’s time to move forward with your projects. The early morning hours of March 20 bring the Spring Equinox when the Sun with Mars and Uranus join an active, volatile area of the sky. Venus joins the crowd on the 22nd, adding her sexy style for brilliant and sometimes shocking times.


You are so full of drive this week that your big job will be to slow down and give clear direction to your ambitions. Focus on communications on Monday. Mid-week brings sudden readjustments to your career path. Rely on groups and mass communications to stay cool through Friday.


Concentrate on physical and mental health at the beginning of the week. Friends and family will support your ambitions on Wednesday. Your focus on home life and parents this week (as long as you also tend to job responsibilities) could bring their grateful financial support to help your career.

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You’ll be feeling really positive at the beginning of the week. Just be certain not to promise too much to co-workers or clients. Focus turns to finances on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’ll have a truly dynamic day on Friday as you work with groups either in person, or online.


The week is full of surprises at work. You have the potential for brilliant ideas and choices if you use your natural, intuitive abilities and communicate these thoughts in sensitive ways, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday. While bosses and clients will be more than edgy, you can be the one to soothe them.

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This is a week with many opportunities. Just make certain to take care with your health and tend to your work environment, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday. You might also want to postpone travel until Friday when the weekend opens up for you to really enjoy life and express the real you.


You’ll be feeling positive about your career and relationships at the beginning of the week. Be prepared for surprises with investments and the desires and passions of partners all week. You may well be coming to the rescue of others who “lose it” mid-week. You’ll have everything back in order starting next week.


If you can overcome the distractions from partners and your home life during the week, you’ll be able to make strides in your career. Don’t discourage co-workers but use your diplomatic style to give them a touch of reality. On Friday use excess energy in the workplace to encourage others to train you in new areas or send you on a trip.


You are a driven person when it comes to your career, but the volatility in the workplace during the week might be distracting to you. Your great instincts will allow you to organize and harness all that energy into a creative flow, particularly mid-week. Then use your rich understanding of people’s unspoken desires to bring mutual success.


The week brings rich and fiery drama to your creative work and athletic activities. Be certain to keep a close eye on finances. These are not the best times to “go for broke” with investments in creative efforts or the big game, though. Enjoy the ride but let your natural enthusiasm settle a bit before taking drastic action. Are you the type of person who leaps before they look? Make better, more informed decisions with advice from Psychic Julia ext. 9131.


Co-workers and family will be overwhelming with their enthusiasm at the beginning of the week. Expect challenges in the home mid-week, so plan your schedule around time to address these issues. Career opportunities arise if you help partners direct their efforts in a creative, positive way.


You are on a high-energy roll on Monday. Don’t overdo the pleasurable part and stay focused on career demands, particularly when things get emotional with co-workers mid-week. Save the focus on partnerships and drama for Friday and Saturday when you can use this energy to the best effect.


The fun, benevolent feelings you’ve been enjoying over the weekend extend into Monday. There may be a desire to avoid going to work at this time, but be certain to cover your responsibilities, as your finances could suffer if you don’t focus on your personal and business funds this week. You’ll be more focused on the workplace and will give efforts your creative best mid-week.

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