Your Weekly Career Forecast for October 15 – 21, 2012

Your Week at Work

The week of October 15 is when “the gift of the goddess/god” is the major influence with the Sun, New Moon and Saturn at the star, Spica. While it might not be apparent, this actually means that innovative ideas are finding their foundation and things most of us never dreamed of will come alive. Are you one of the dreamers who will offer the gift?


With the New Moon opposite your Sun sign in the early morning (in the US) on Monday, partnerships are in focus for establishing your dreams in you career. You are used to charging ahead and with Mars in Sagittarius, you certainly have the energy. You seek the balance the is the key to your success. On Thursday you’ll be ready to charge ahead again. If you are considerate of others, they will be generous and supportive.


On Monday be prepared for new ideas and changes in your workplace. Even if they are surprising they will work to your benefit. A child’s comments or those of a young woman at work could offer a great idea, or connect you with a new partner on Tuesday. Watch for beneficial communication on Thursday and Friday.


Last weekend you were full of amazing, new ideas and you will be communicating them well through Tuesday. Continue with this process and look to a dynamic partner to help you work through the details. Your eloquence will inspire them to inspire you!


As you begin the week you are in the process of really feeling something wonderful coming to life. There are many more aggressive people at work anxious to get things going. They aren’t wrong. They just have a different rhythm from yours and all of you are necessary for the perfect project. By Tuesday and Wednesday you’ll be more able to express the heart of what you want to accomplish.


Communications and friends have offered the keys to success recently. The last half of the week—the evening of Wednesday,  through Friday—will offer opportunities to bring your great ideas into form.


All focus is on finances and your home life at the beginning of the week. Ideas really take form and become organized in your head on Tuesday. There will be a strong pull of demands between your home life and work on Thursday. Learn how to balance you home life and work demands with the help of Psychic Seren ext. 5445. It’s easier than you think!


This week you refreshing new life is being blessed by the beautiful star, Spica. It is time for you to show the world your great gift! With the Sun and Moon together at Spica’s place in the sky on Monday morning, you are set up for quite a career week! Speaking assertively, particularly on Thursday, will bring new power.


The New Moon on Monday brings surprises in the workplace. Keep digging deeper for the source of your goals and your creativity early this week. Tuesday and Wednesday are all about communicating powerfully your discoveries and desires regarding your career.


Friends and networking bring gifts of ideas and more on Monday. You are not feeling shy this month about your career and your energy level is high, so this friendly input could propel you into magical places. On Thursday and Friday you will be a powerful force of nature. Just be sensitive to management and clients and you’ll be a raging success.


The new phase of your career is beginning to form this week. You’ve wanted to reach the next level of your success and it is now unfolding before you. You’ll find opportunities to promote your new position, ideas or projects on Wednesday.


Monday brings a focus on education or travel and you are feeling great about your professional, creative efforts, romance or both these days. Technology challenges can prove beneficial in the end on Thursday and Friday.


Your career is requiring action during the month of October, yet you are really more interested in expressing your romantic nature, ideals and dreams in a beautiful way—particularly at the beginning of the week. That expression can’t be ignored mid-week and you’ll love what you’ve created. Be prepared to focus on career matters on Thursday, though, as it will be crucial on this day.

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