Your Weekly Career Forecast for December 17 – 23, 2012

Is it the End of Time?

This is the week that the Mayan Calendar was talking about as it predicted that the Winter Solstice on December 21 would be an “end of time.” All indications are that they were speaking of an old way of life passing and a new realm of living beginning. In your career the trick will be to honor a dying way of life for all it had to offer while “clearing the decks” to build your future. Have compassion for those colleagues and clients who fear being part of a “dying breed” while you create and share the wonderful gift that you have to offer for the future.


The week of December 17 through the 23rd is perfect to use your travel experience and studies to create dazzling career ideas. Inventive designs will be coming into your head at lightning speed on Wednesday the 19th as you prepare for Thursday and Friday the 21st when it will “take the whole village” at work to bring new success.


A bit of confusion about your career on Monday, December 17 will give way to enchanting ideas on Wednesday. A shrewd female friend may appear oddly “ditsy,” but listen carefully. There is strategy in what she says that can really serve your career ambitions.


You can really bring great ideas into form on Monday, December 17 if you keep your feet on the ground. Your networking is nothing short of brilliant on Thursday, December 20. Yet, major changes at work on Friday the 21st appear fated and out of your control. However there is an opportunity here. Use your talent for adaptability to carry you to new heights.


Your work will be truly inspired on Monday, December 17 through Wednesday the 19th. There will be phenomenal changes underway on Thursday and Friday the 21st in your workplace and with partnerships. You sense where the future is going. Just hold to your ideals. Colleagues and clients will begin to rely on your intuitive marketing sense to achieve success.


In the midst of a week of surprising events, December 17 through the 23rd will bring you a bit of super-stardom through your spectacular talents and self-expression. You lead by example particularly on Thursday, December 20 and Friday the 21st when those around you will likely be feeling a bit uncertain, or blatantly confused. Go ahead, inspire them! Your job pays the bills, but do you do meaningful work? You want to, and you can with career advice from Psychic Peyton ext. 5312. 


During the beginning of the week of December 17 through the 23rd you will be tending to details to make inspiration real and workable. Through the rest of the week you may be the source of that inspiration, or you may support a brilliant leader. As the I Ching says, “to rule truly is to serve” and no one understands this better than you.


On Thursday and Friday the 21st, your talent for “big love” is a true gift to others. This doesn’t require “sister wives” like the television series of the same name, but it will certainly require sisterly and brotherly love and compassion in the most inclusive sense. In this way Libra, you are building a team or working “village,” making a huge opening to your career path.


On Thursday, December 20 and Friday the 21st you are the one in the office with the understanding of how the flow of mutual nourishment—also called business—works. If you effectively communicate with superiors or clients that everything will continue to work and improve as long as everyone benefits, you’ve sold your idea.


Your intelligence and hearty love for all knowledge will charm your colleagues, clients and students powerfully on Thursday, December 20 and Friday the 21st. You can bring opposing groups together— those who want only the new and those who love what’s established. Your vision, showing empathy for both sides, offers the solution.


By the week of December 17 through the 23rd, you realize the need to transform what you worked so hard to build. Even great structures have to adapt to new trends. You can communicate this effectively to co-workers and clients on Tuesday, December 18 and Wednesday the 19th, and then your plans will grow.


You coordinate career desires and financial needs well during the week of December 17 through the 23rd. The great news is that the end of the week could bring an unexpected windfall. If you’ve integrated your dreams with what is at hand and what is possible, you’ll be on the path of the new age unfolding in your career.


Tuesday, December 18 and Wednesday the 19th bring a personal healing as you hold steady regarding your ideals and inner wisdom. Use that wonderful new idea or creative inspiration on Thursday the 20th to coast through any rough spots on Friday, December 21. Wondering what else is out there for you, professionally? A reading with Psychic Julia ext. 9131 can tell you what you have to look forward to and what you need to do to make it happen.

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  1. JULIE

    I could see you participating in sister wives 🙂 Kinda looks like your present job is a stepping stone to something better in the future.


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