Your Weekly Career Forecast for December 10 – 16, 2012

This Week in Work

This week is powerful for using a combination of inspiration and honesty to benefit not only you but coworkers and clients. There is a new beginning of healing in what you have to offer. If you are a teacher or are in the healing profession, you can work wonders. As an artist (particularly in music or film-making)  you will also enchant, heal and set people free. Friday will offer challenges and major, unexpected changes. Hold firm to your convictions and commitments and you will build real success.


You’ll feel like a force of nature to coworkers and clients as you drive forward with you plans. This will be particularly strong from Wednesday on. If you’re energy is too high for others, turn to travel, studies or sports to really enjoy your sense of and need for freedom. Feeling constrained in your current work situation? A career reading with Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 can loosen the grip your work life has on you!


Friends and partners will express loving support during this week. There is a focus on investments on Wednesday and Thursday. Pay attention to dreams and meditations on your career during Friday night. New answers will come to you about how to move forward on your desired path.


While you’ll be working hard on Monday, you’ll be really pleased with the beautiful results. Whether you are creating art or building cooperation and camaraderie, you’ll have accomplished something solid and real. Partners will be refreshed and renewed on Wednesday and will contribute to your team efforts.


Monday and Tuesday bring admiring communications that might also offer financial gain from a creative effort of yours or from children. A career idea that has been brewing in your mind will provide insight into a way to move into a whole new field of expressing your abilities and talents.


On Monday you could benefit financially from loving communications with a parent or someone else in your home. Wednesday and Thursday will bring a new career move that could be inspired by, or bring a new love into your life. If you are a performer you’ll invent a “new you.”


Monday is a perfect day to communicate with passion about your dreams and plans for your career. While work can bring benefits on Wednesday and Thursday, you are also pulled by your home or a parent who will have something to offer to your career. Do that balancing act this week and Friday will allow you to move ahead.


Being careful with finances on Monday will bring benefits by Tuesday or Wednesday—probably in a notification by mail, email or a call. There will be a revelation at your home or from a parent on Friday. Just balance the surprise opportunity with your career needs.


Monday brings satisfaction from the hard work you put in over the weekend. On Wednesday you’ll find that someone behaving in an outrageous way at work will actually bring a financial benefit to you. On Friday a communication can transform your view of your career.


The new Moon takes place on Wednesday night and is in your Sun sign. Your dreams, creative focus or “quiet time” can show you how to create a new beginning that allows you to use your talent. This is an opening to pursue your real path in life. You could start seeing some results as early as next week.


Networking and your friends offer opportunities on Monday. Listen and act on what they present. You’ll be contending with events going on behind the scenes mid-week, but will be ready to take action on your plans by Friday.


The week begins with some demanding work that will pay off on Tuesday. You’ll make a surprising discovery on the Internet or through a group of friends on Wednesday that can be helpful. Take the idea and run with it. You have had that idea for some time and Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 knows you’ve been itching to make it a reality. Well with her help, you can. Get the tips you need today!


Travel or educational pursuits on Monday offer a surprise career opportunity for your career that you can pursue on Tuesday or Wednesday. Continue your projects and plans through the rest of the week and expect financial benefits next week.

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