Your Weekend Horoscope: Speak Your Desires Into Manifestation

Speak Your Desires Into Manifestation

Grow, Imagine and Give Shape

The New Moon in playful Gemini joins with Venus, encouraging you to speak your desires into manifestation. Aspects to expansive Jupiter, limiting Saturn, and imaginative Neptune challenge you to grow, to give shape to, and to imagine your intent into something viable. Translation: Whittle your dream down to something that works! Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Write, talk, sing, and find other imaginative ways to voice your desires and to share your own personal story with the world. A voice of authority might try to silence you, but both inner and outer allies are standing by to help you share your song.


Money and the acquisition of sacred possessions are important to you. Go for what you want, but don’t create future debt in order to indulge current pleasures. Look to friends, lovers, and even children to assist you in attracting the special things that hold value for you now.


The New Moon in your sign is a time to start anew. Buy new clothing or take other steps to make yourself feel more attractive—not to please or attract a partner, but to honor yourself and to invite more of your inner beauty to manifest in your outer life.


Deep introspection will put you in touch with your innermost desires. You need more rest and time for reflection, so put unnecessary tasks and activities on pause. Spiritual books, creative activities, and insightful conversations will yield valuable self-knowledge that helps heal emotional wounds and allows you to dream new dreams.


You will definitely want to spend time with friends (especially your female pals), as their company will be empowering and can provide new ideas and fresh inspiration. You’ll think of new ways to improve your finances and to cultivate greater emotional fulfillment. Don’t go it alone! All collaborative activities are favored.


Seek to align yourself with female power players who can pull you up a rung on the ladder of success. Their accomplishments will inspire and remind you that you can overcome whatever is holding you back. Have faith in yourself and trust your abilities regardless of what people say (especially those closest to you).


A female teacher or mentor may provide the information and inspiration that will assist you in broadening your horizons. Your outlook has become too myopic and you need to expand your view. Your dreams may yield useful clues regarding ways to grow your life from where you are to where you want to be.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are feeling pretty sensual. When it comes to intimate affairs, you should let your partner take the lead. Let yourself be spoiled, loved, and lead around by the nose. Single Scorpios should invest in new undies and find other ways to sexy it up!


One-on-one relationships, both for business and pleasure, thrive when you let your partner take the lead. You might be a little too demanding now, so put your requests on hold. Accept and honor the gifts that people bring into your life regardless of whether you receive what you want or need.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that this is an ideal time to give your body a little TLC. Love yourself up by eating delicious and healthy foods, getting a little exercise, and rewarding yourself with adequate rest. Why not make it a habit? Seeds that you plant for health and fitness will bear beautiful fruit.


Cut loose from your friends (They might be too demanding now.) and pursue your own ideas of having fun. Whether you want to get crafty, be sporty, or enjoy a romantic date, your Weekend Horoscope advises you to participate in activities that will bring you pleasure. Don’t underestimate the power of a good time!


Spend a little time beautifying your home. Whether you do as little as cleaning up clutter or as much as purchasing sumptuous furnishings or decor, you will derive more pleasure from being in your space when it appeals to your senses. You might want to entertain the family or enjoy a more intimate gathering.

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  1. JThomas

    06/16/2016.[REply] 2 Leqeet:”MONEY” All by itself; does not conquer Life’s Challenges!! Life IS Managed; NOT
    cured! Laqeet!! Maybe it’s Y-O-U/that you need 2 find! (instead of some-GUY! I’d appreciate MORE MONEY 2!!
    But, that Not All That I DESIRE.Find Your Self Worth.Accept Y-O-U! And,Always Look 2 A Higher Source. Laqeet,LiveIn Peace;NOT Pieces!!

  2. Phyllis Wally

    I didn’t know what it was called but I am being farsighted do I know my feelings are right I can see things a lot I don’t know how to recognise what I’m seeing or feeling seems it always happens only later or next day!

  3. Sully

    I want to know about my love life what’s going to happen between me n Johnny there’s some obstacles between usn i want to know what can I do to get rid of them? N be together n be happy

    1. Sully

      What can u see is going to happen in my path career n love life did I find my soul mate is it jhonny

  4. Laqeet

    The first mail comment you just receive … I really mean it … I need help with Money Finances .. And i mean that .. And lots of it . That’s Money … Iam so tired of getting along with little all the time .. I can’t even buy me what i need … So this brother will do with alot of Cash …


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