Your Weekend Horoscope: A Spiritual Perspective of Your Journey

A Spiritual Perspective of Your Journey

Compassion, Oneness and Unity

On Friday, the Sun enters transcendent Pisces, winding down its year-long journey through the zodiac. While the Sun is here, you can cultivate compassion, attain a greater sense of oneness and unity with the world around you, and gain a spiritual perspective of your life’s journey. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Your annual period of hibernation begins now. Retreating to a cave is probably not realistic, but you can devote more time to rest and quiet contemplation. This timeout will refresh you and recharge your batteries. Ponder the wins and losses of the past year and determine how best to move forward.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows a craving for the companionship of friends. Whether you connect one-on-one or interact with a group, you will get a lot out of spending time with people who share your interests. You might find artistic, musical, or spiritual folk to be especially appealing.


The Sun at the top of your chart makes you shine without trying, but are you prepared to make the most of the spotlight? You can make a positive impression upon bosses, parents, and other influential people. Your savvy gets your foot in the door, but it will take substance to keep their attention.


You are usually a homebody, but the Pisces Sun brings a craving for adventure. You desire the understanding that can only be gained through travel or spending time with people who offer a perspective on life that is different from your own. Seek out the individuals or experiences that will fulfill you.


The Pisces Sun kindles a desire for intense emotional or sexual connection. It can also inspire you to seek out help in other ways. Are the people around you offering you as much support as you give to them? You don’t need to keep a tally, but you deserve to have your needs met.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that it is time to contemplate the state of your partnerships. Whether it’s business or pleasure, your fulfillment depends upon your ability to play nicely with a partner or ally. If you’re still looking for your other half, get busy planning your strategy to meet someone new.


It is time to get down to business, Libra. From cleaning up clutter around the home, to getting organized and catching up on busywork in the workplace, you need to get your everyday affairs in order. When you’re done with that, you might want to tweak your diet and exercise plan.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are ready for fun! Plan an exciting date with your mate or favorite date. If you are flying solo, you might enjoy devoting time to your favorite hobby. Even spending time with children will prove to be pleasurable. You bring the party wherever you go!


At this time of the year, you tend to stick close to home and enjoy the comforts of domestic life. This is an ideal weekend to nest and rest or to plan an intimate, family gathering. Focus on activities and projects that improve the quality of your home life.


The Pisces Sun inspires you to get connected with the people around you and those at a distance whom you care about. Hearing their stories and getting caught up on their news allows you to understand them and makes for improved relations. You can expect increased communication and interaction.


Money and possessions will be foremost in your thoughts this weekend. Contemplate how well you are meeting your material needs and devise a strategy to attain the level of financial security you desire. Your intuition can prove to be a helpful tool. Find a way to act on your insights.


The Sun (entering your sign) heralds the start of your birthday season. Now is the time to formulate new, personal goals for the year ahead. Focus on activities and accomplishments that will make use of your unique talents and abilities. This is also a great time to make changes that accentuate your physical appearance.

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