Your Spiritual Role in 2012 by Astrology Sign

Each astrological sign represents a phase of our journey to spiritual awareness. All phases of the journey carry an essential hero/heroine’s task—your role during our changing times.

Aries: By 2012, you’ll have adapted your high energy level to meet less opposition and find more courage to be a guide to us all – the birth of a true hero/heroine for others.

Taurus: You remind us to make time to appreciate our beautiful planet and its bounty, and the creativity of love. You may find yourself teaching in these realms.

Gemini: You play the crucial role of communicator in a time when this means everything! You help us recognize and support each other in our mutual growth.

Cancer: You have been experiencing this huge energy with your sensitive soul. Your intuitive insights will serve to guide us all as you are so connected to these energies.

Leo: Your natural affinity for children will allow you to remind us that we must consider the ‘7th generation” into the future in any decisions we make.

Virgo: Your role is that of sacred work. As the earthy organizer of the harvest goddess you remind us of healthy nourishment and giving back to our planet through composting and water management.

Libra: Saturn in its exaltation in your sign of Libra will prove to be a very good thing. You have the crucial role of the gentle guiding hand on humanity’s shoulder reminding us to be respectful and compassion toward others.

Scorpio: You will be reminding us all of the value of the transformative power in these days. You courageously act to dig within to find the pearl amongst the pain within all of us, allowing healing.

Sagittarius: You are a teacher using the tools of travel and education to truly break down barriers of ignorance and prejudice to bring humanity together so necessary in these times.

Capricorn: Pluto, the great transformer will be in your sign for some time. You are here to recognize outworn structures, and build new ones that will lovingly better serve the People.

Aquarius: You will take the lead in every kind of networking—crucial social networks and intuitive/spiritual networks to raise human consciousness.

Pisces: You see the dissolution of boundaries before your fellow beings. You can express the beauty of what is to come through your psychic abilities and artistic expression to allay others’ fear of the future.

All of this astrological activity surrounding 2012 will prove how crucial your special role in this transition is. What an opportunity to make a difference in the world!

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