Your Soulmate Forecast for October

A Month of Soulmate Predictions

On October 7, romantic Venus moves from depth-driven, searching Scorpio into fun-loving, adventuresome Sagittarius. What does that mean for your soulmate relationship?

Here’s your soulmate forecast for October 2013.


Relationships center on joint interests this month, Aries. This can be sexual in nature (delving deeper in terms of intimacy) or even financial (Cohabitation, anyone?), but however it manifests, you’re learning to compromise with your soulmate.


While you have a tendency to be guarded in relationships, this month you’re more open than usual to a certain someone. Are they your soulmate? From the bonding that’s favored early on, you find yourself feeling understood and adventurous.


Venus increases your ease in relationships throughout the month, Twins. You’re feeling festive and free and enjoying the social aspects on offer. Be sure to listen as well as you speak. You’ll benefit from impending exchanges.

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Feeling deeply connected, you’re forging ahead into new, inspirational and potentially electric territory in terms of your primary relationship. Be mindful of your reactions to the unexpected. Impulsiveness won’t serve you.


Balance will be required for you to handle these influences. Venus is in a fellow Fire Sign from the 7th, and with Mars in your sign, there’s potential for you to run yourself ragged—romantically and otherwise.


Early in the month, your communication skills are running high. Grace and fluency are at your command, making it an ideal time to share your feelings with your loved one. It will lead to increased intimacy after Venus transitions into Sagittarius on the 7th.

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What do you value? Venus will help you get it if you’ve done your due diligence. Others enjoy your company (and your contributions), making this an ideal time to attract someone if you’re single. You’ve got the gift of gab, so use it!


Your charisma is running high as the month kicks off. This remains so as Venus transitions into Sagittarius, where the focus shifts to finding a sense of balance. Does this mean it favors romantic relationships? Absolutely.


Even though you’re not in the mood to get out there during the first week of October (when Venus transits to your sign on 7th) you’re on fire and irresistible. Spend the first week getting centered and then get out there! Connection awaits and abounds!


Despite an air of uncertainty early on in the month, you’ll find a lot of support available via your nearest and dearest. Spend the later weeks caring for yourself. It’s an introspective time, but one that will bear relationship fruit down the road.

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Having come to a deeper understanding of your relationship needs courtesy of Venus in Scorpio, you’ll move into a new phase as Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th. Don’t become closed off or run away. Find unconventionality in the day-to-day.


You’re feeling connected to new people and places. Is it a relationship highlighting new sides of yourself? Perhaps. Whatever is going on, you’re being introduced to aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed. Embrace them!

21 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for October

  1. Loanly heartbroken

    I am in LOVE with a picse man who is a few years younger than i, we have broken up and gotten back together and he does not seem overly excited about being committed, i tried to forget about him and move on, stay busy try new things, date other people but can’t get this heart to move on I use to pray for this man before he came in my life and now I am so scared because off the things that happened…we have some connection but we can’t get it togeher… HELP I dont want no one else…..

  2. Joy Rudkin

    Well , I really do not know what to think or feel anymore . I am a Scorpio , with I believe a Libra rising ( 11-10-1958 , 4:34 A.M. ).Getting older by the day , but still feel young at heart and in my mind. I’ve got many ” suitors ” , but which one is right for me ? When will something take place ? Or will anything at all take place ?Too many things are going on around me , feel very confused. What should I do ?Now to go on and find out what is out there for me , if anything. Many things to do places to go , and people to see. I need an answer soon. Thanks, may the Angels point the way ! From Joy

  3. Darryl

    MY gawd now i get it! I’m a libra scorpio. an i’m not at all being a libra, i’m being scorpio an sagittarius trying to balance it out with libra in the middle of it all! No wonder the libra in me is run ragged! I”m a LEO/ Virgo/ LIBRA/ Scorpio/ Saggitarius. I am a rarity in this world for i have not met anyone who has my uniqueness what so ever! I have no choice to be a stand out from any crowd anywhere I go! I get called slut lots for the scorpio sexual prowlness is really strong to the point that it scares alot of the suiters who are worth my time. The Leo an SAg r fire signs an trust me i bure bright!! The virgo in me keeps me strong an picky as to who gets my love an loyalty. As for the libra is a curse for Libra is run by nervous energy an people pick it up on me all the time, they give that little shake with in 5mins of being around me due to the scorpio intensity! An I have no way of controlling my nervous energy what so ever or how hard i try due to the scorpio in me! What do I do… I want love so bad but the scorpio intensity scares everyone off! I get hit on lots but by those who are not worth my time!!! People try to figure me out all the time an I keep telling them that if my parents can’t figure me out what make You think you can figure me out! I want answers but to no avail yet has anyone been able to help out much…

  4. Lori

    Im a sagittarious and my ex a libra. We both are deeply in love with each other, but he wont admit it. Is there hope for us?

  5. CeCe

    I look forward to reading my Scorpio horoscope everyday!

    I am going through tough times, and this gives me hope that good things are coming my way !!

  6. Randy

    I really am surprised at some of the reactions here and some sound senser but why so selfish, I thought 1 time I had found my soul mate but it turned out she was really phony and I am 55 and I have decided no matter what it is not worth the chance anymore and besides you have to be happy with who you are. If your not happy find out what will make you happy with yourself first. My goodness

  7. steph

    Why people take this so seriously. A trillion people have the same birthday as you. Therefore, nit everything is pertaining to you. If you don’t have a relationship , oh well. Just do is on what you do have and what’s happening in your life and make the best of it. I read my horoscope everyday because they guide me throughout the day. Not everything pertains to me but they do help. Thank you.

  8. Bella

    Thank you I’m not quite sure what 2 make of your prediction 4 the / MY capricorns soulmate forecast or what it really means it was a bit confusing 2 me I’m keeping my faith 🙂 .. Thank you , Bella

  9. maria newsome

    I wanna know is me and my boyfriend daniel going to get married in the future and will he be home soon from being incarcarated and will our love last forever

  10. Maiza

    Thank You for all the reminders, i do understand this is only a physics doesn’t mean this is your life sometimes it happened, for me only reminders that’s why I’m your great follower,

  11. Angela

    I say there must be some truth to this because I am feeling good about a lot of things lately. Thank you for the forecast of today…I will definitely embrace it.

  12. Teresa

    I am 1-27-1962 Aquarius. So you are telling me I’m gonna have an awful month, starting the 7th, but you don’t want me to run away or close myself off. What shall I do?
    I feel I am in a sex-free relationship already.
    I don’t mind your message, I just wish you’d include a suggestion or two to help me get thru it.
    It’s like you are saying “Hello, your fixin to hate life. Sux to be you. Bye for now!”
    Can a girl get a break?
    Thanks anyway

  13. margaret

    i mate a guy in august 8-2013 he is 66 yearold and dorivce . i love him very much his name start with L S what do you think about that will we make it .im 70 year old but he tell me that a number .what do you see for me i have know money to talk with you so email me please don;t want to get my heart broking do you thank that he love me margaret


    hi lucrecia was my mothers name i had no idea any one else would ever spell it the same i lost her six years ago,i just wanted to tell you that i have no money or i would call you im curious how much you could help me i have a special gift i guess you could say and i could use some help understanding it more i keep locking it up because i have been trying to find a mentor to help me but im broke getting old and don’t know where to turn ,im not sure why im telling you all this but i guess it is what it is,thanks for your time and your help but i will be alone probably till i die because things happen around me that people don’t like to try to figure out ,that’s what they do but i cant do that yet any way thanks bye.


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