Your Soulmate Forecast for July 2012

Will the Summer Sizzle Last or Fizzle?

After a Venus-heavy June, Mars (ruler of all things sex-related) comes into focus this month, in the fickle sign of Libra. How does this affect your romantic prospects? Read on to find out! Here’s your soulmate forecast for July.


With Venus and Mercury inconjunct Pluto on July 3 (the very same day your ruler, Mars, enters Libra), personal patterns in love are called into question. Examine yourself rather than forging ahead in the same old fashion and you may soon be ready to commit! 


Your ruling planet Venus remains active in the early part of the month, particularly on the 3rd and 4th, whose influences oppose each other. Try to fuse their lessons (self-examination on the 3rd and acceptance of others on the 4th) to determine compatibility.


This month’s Mercury Retrograde in egocentric Leo draws your past out of the woodwork with potential for major miscommunication. Tread lightly. However, the 22nd – 25th emphasize your personal growth and keen decision-making skills, indicating, quite simply, that when you know, you’ll know.


With the Sun in your sign for the bulk of the month, the world is your oyster, Cancer. If love is what you want, go get it. However, hold off on rushing into a sexual relationship before you’re ready in order to protect yourself (mostly from your own over-sensitivity).


The spotlight’s on you, Leo, particularly after the Sun and Mercury enter your sign late in the month. It’s primarily positive, too, with two notable exceptions—Mercury Retrograde may cloud your judgment (romantically and otherwise) and Mercury Inconjunct Pluto may make you impulsive. Is your judgment already pretty cloudy? Talk with Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058 who can clear away the fog.


Resist the temptation to blurt out your criticisms (and even any critical opinions) this month, Virgo. With Mercury all over the map, you’re in a precarious position in terms of close relationships and your powers of observation—if not yielded gently, could cause an implosion.


While sex is on the forefront this month, Libra, if it’s a soulmate you’re seeking (or already involved with), next month really opens things up. In fact, when your ruler, Venus (while transiting through Gemini), trines the planet of opportunity, Saturn (while visiting you, Libra!), commitment is ripe for the picking!


With the second half of the year upon us, the deep and connected partnership you’ve always desired is increasingly within your grasp, Scorp. Be cautious with communication July 3 – 5 as Venus and your ruler, Pluto, are in conflict.


With Jupiter, Mercury and Venus all so active, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for positives and negatives in love. During mid-month in particular, focus on the practicalities of a pairing as opposed to adventure if you’re serious about success.


Odds are, you’re feeling (or about to feel) blissfully in love—or at least something like it. The planets have aligned to offer you a wonderfully romantic opportunity sometime between now and September. Seize it and enjoy it!


It’s quite possible that this month’s interactions could lead to next month’s relationship, Water Bearer. Try to keep your ego in check and watch what you say, particularly with Mercury in retrograde. 


July may not be particularly exciting, Pisces, but it offers an opportunity for personal growth—in or out of a relationship. Stop fighting and work together instead if you want to see things flourish (next month).

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7 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for July 2012

  1. mian aurangzaib

    dear s.k plz tell me about my soulmate her db is 12/25.1986 she is truly loves me plz your sincerly mian zaib

  2. -quinn ext. 5484

    dear s.k.
    being a cappy i am happy to say the love bug got a good bite of me and im flying high through the summer.
    Odds are, you’re feeling (or about to feel) blissfully in love—or at least something like it. The planets have aligned to offer you a wonderfully romantic opportunity sometime between now and September. Seize it and enjoy it!
    i am enjoying and seizing the time –

  3. joangela

    Heres my problem maby i can get advice from someone. I live with a guy who seems to have bipolor and does have adhd. Well he is very bitchy all the time.does not whant to pay his share but does give me money very little. He is making me what to put him out. How ever i have a big hart and can’t find myself. To do it. He has habbets. That he needs to stop.

  4. joangela

    Your friends are most likely right. Don’t send money to a man if he loves you he’ll send you money. He sounds like a man with no remorse. You’ll be better off without him. It hurts Yes but after time you won’t care any more. Well that’s my advice. Ps take care

  5. zeke owen (mozisek)

    Well once again…you are spot one! im not amazed anymore. But I,m now” much more aware.”Im finally able to cope with being alone again. The last times of my life..Virgo

  6. rosemary

    ty but does not tell me if he will come back to me. I miss Samuel Hampton so much but he hurt me emotionally,my friends thought thay needed to protect me from him because he asked me to send money to him while in Ghana.Wich @ first 3 days he was there had me believing he was in south africa.Now he is back in the states but do not want to be engaged to me any more & decided to go to a dating site.My problem is that i still love him.


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