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Make Dreams a Reality With Astrology

The candles are lit, and you can feel the supple caress of fine silks, satins and linens against your skin. Sweet perfume fills the air, and softly Hungarian violins lilt lovingly in the background. You can feel the warmth of your beloved as the heat of their body nears yours, and then poof! You awaken and are left longing for the fragments of the figments of a dream.

Want to make the dream a reality? Astrology can help. Each sign has times when a combination of the planets makes us sexier, more alluring, and better able to catch the eye of that special someone, depending on the various positions of the planets. It’s a bit simplistic to just say that Venus rules the feminine charms and Mars male magnetism, the other planets have roles to play as well. The Sun helps us shine, while the Moon adds allure. Mercury dishes dollops of wit, and Jupiter adds the charms. Saturn lets them stay for breakfast, and Chiron soothes the soul. Even the outers lend an assist—Uranus puts the bubbly in the champagne, Neptune weaves webs of mystique, and divine Pluto puts passion in your pump.

So let’s take a look at the next few months to see when each sign reaches their sexy peak! Just remember no matter what sign you are, play proud, play well, and play safe!

Aries: You Aries people rarely need an excuse to go after what you seek, but you should find it exceptionally easy between August 6 and 19 to capture the object of your desires when your cheerful optimism, confidence, and personal magnetism create an aura about you that is virtually impossible to resist. Ask, and you shall receive. Other times when you are at your best are 7/7, 7/17, 8/25, 8/29, and 9/21.

Taurus: Butter usually doesn’t melt in the mouth of Taurus, but the heat of the first half of August percolates your hormones and powers your drives with nuclear energy. Between August 2 and the 17, you bulls are unstoppable, and have the energy to fight for, pursue, and get whatever you want. Sex should be potent and steamy during this time as your emotional fires are on maximum burn. Other times when you are at your best are 7/22, 7/11-13, 8/22, 9/3, and 9/8.

Gemini: Gemini, your sexy Cinderella period is from July 14 to the 21. Everything seems to come up roses for you as the planets align to promote your happiness during this period. You look great, you feel good, and your feet feel as if you are dancing on the top of the world. All you need to do is decide what beau to wear. Other times when you are at your best are 7/7, 8/7, 8/15-17, 9/9, and 9/17.

Cancer: There is nothing shy or retiring about you Cancer folks between August 31 and September 9. There’s a hefty bit of strut in your stuff as your sexual mojo reaches its peak. During this time you are able to use your intuitive abilities to know exactly what to say and do to satisfy your provocative side and slake the hungers of your lover. Other times when you are at your best are 7/10, 7/16, 7/30-31, 8/15, and 9/25.

Leo: Some of you lucky Leo foxes and vixens get to celebrate your birthdays during your sign’s peak period, July 29 to August 8. You are able to cast charms and spells wherever you go, enticing others to follow your call like the Pied Piper of Passion. You hypnotize, lure, and spellbind the object of your desire and conjure realms of delight. Other times when you are at your best are 7/10, 8/12-13, 8/24, 8/27 and 9/9.

Virgo: The secret side of you Virgos comes out to play from July 7 to the 15. During this time your psychic and intuitive talents bring you the joys of lagniappe, synchronicities of favorable meetings, and liaisons that set your nights and hearts ablaze. You already know all the techniques to hit all the right spots, and this period gives you the opportunity to put them to good use! Other times when you are at your best are 7/17, 8/13, 8/20-22, 9/3, and 9/14.

Libra: Dear Libra, you will have a hard time keeping your equilibrium when your peak time arrives as you begin celebrating your birthdays. After soaking up resplendency during the summer, you folks reach your sexual flower from September 17 to the 26. An expansive joie de vivre bubbles up from within as you creatively conquer your passions by using them as drives to reach your goals. Other times when you are at your best are 7/16, 8/19-21, 8/28, 9/10 and 9/30.

Scorpio:You Scorpios are known for the sexual prowess, and rarely is that as evident as in late August when your personal chemistry brings out a sexuality that shimmers with salacious sensuality. Everything best falls into place with your plans between August 16 and 29. Other times when you are at your best are 7/14, 7/24, 8/11, 9/14, and 9/27.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians get the chance to shine like the Sun from August 11th to the 21st. Your erotic fires flame like solar flares that embrace the object of your charms. As you feel the heat build within you, you are transformed into a vessel of desires satisfying and satisfied. Other times when you are at your best are 7/9, 7/29, 9/12, and 9/22-24.

Capricorn: There is no stopping you Capricorns between August 21 and 30. You have passion, drive, fortitude, courage, and stamina in the arsenal of your Cupid’s quiver. Your aim is unerring, and your arrows strike deep. Just be sure to aim at the right target! Other times when you are at your best are 7/6, 7/12-14, 9/1, 9/15 and 9/28.

Aquarius: Aquarians always like a bit of intellectual tête-a- tête with their savoir faire, and between August 27th and September 11th you should be able to use your stimulating talents to beguile, bewitch, and bedazzle your heart’s desire. You’ll find more than just your minds get stimulated! Other times when you are at your best are 7/3-5, 7/21, 8/1, 8/9-10, and 9/27.

Pisces: You Pisceans have an affinity for the water, and you may find yourselves awash in oceans of eroticism between July 20 and August 4. Romance, charm, and enchantment swirl about you like a whirlpool as you turn your sexual fantasies into reality. Other times when you are at your best are 7/8-11, 8/21, 9/2, 9/16, and 9/22.

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