Your Sex Forecast for May 2012

Will Your Libido be in Overdrive This Month?

When it comes to sex and the signs, inspiration can come from many places. First, the dry news: Mars will be in virile Virgo, and on the 13th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus while Mercury, Mars and Pluto form a hot trine; it’s a five-star day. Venus, the love planet, turns retrograde on May 15. The Sun’s energy represents our self-expression, and on May 20, as it enters Gemini, it forms a new Moon solar eclipse. Now, for the juicy news:


The eclipse in your third house could mean one hot weekend getaway. Don’t forget to pack that naughty French maid outfit for a little room service role play. Guys, you can deliver room service, too. You know you love it.


Use your Venusian wiles on the 13th and do the kinky things that you’ve only dreamed about. Mercury in your sign makes you a charmer and the Sun in Taurus until the 19th means you have the stamina to deliver all you promise.


The eclipse in your sign boosts your libido into overdrive. Mercury in your 12th house May 9-23 is the perfect time to do a striptease out of that business suit and into something more comfortable and more revealing.


Singles, take advantage of the full Moon in Scorpio. Your flirtations may get you into some hot water (via someone else’s shower in the morning). Venus retrograde works better for coupled Cancerians, who will be spending more time at home rustling the sheets.

“Every act of sex is an act of love, but being in love is not required to have an intimate experience.” – Psychic Rowan ext. 5423


Venus retrograde may bring you someone who makes you roar and purr. If you’re too busy at work this month, no reason your honey can’t stop by for a quickie dinner and date all on the conference room table.


The earthly trine on the 13th gives you the urge to merge. That whole week’s hot for you, despite the Venus retrograde. Use Mars’ energy to get your freak on.


The eclipse makes you curious about unusual experiences. If you’re single, you could meet a foreigner in a nude drawing class. If coupled up, any arguments could lead to extraordinary make-up sex.


May 9-23 is the time to sweep your mate off their feet and onto the sheets. Couples will find plenty of reasons to stay in bed. Single Scorpios, get out and meet someone as kinky as you.


Enjoy honeymoon sex even without the wedding, over and over again. The solar eclipse brings out your inner porn star.


On May 9-14, Mercury and Venus engage in some serious flirting. You should follow suit and flirt your way into some fabulous foreplay. Motivate your mate to take some time off for fun and games.


While Mercury is in Taurus, wear your best lingerie, but don’t plan on keeping anything on long. Singles that mingle prior to the Venus retrograde could get lucky, too.

“Sex is physical, love is spiritual. You can have sex without love and love without sex; but it’s most rewarding when both exist simultaneously.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273


Take a road trip in early May and rediscover the magic of the backseat. Single or not, you’ll have no trouble finding a willing partner.

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7 thoughts on “Your Sex Forecast for May 2012

  1. Terri

    I have spent MUCH time in speaking with Gina Rose, Liam, Abrielle, Isabella, Karmystic (my favorite), Jacqueline, Lucrecia, Pamela (whom I loved so and miss)…they have all told me the same thing…my dream will come true…I have been loving, forgiving and patient for years…timing has taught me great patience but I still believe in their abilities and the hope they give me. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all CP’s…wishes for many blessings!

  2. Daniel R Adair

    it all sounds good but hows my mate im i going in the right way
    and will i lose my investment

  3. Randy

    I found a love of a life time when I was 19. Never saw this coming a love that I thought it can’t get better than this oh so much passion. Only 3 mounths into the relation ship she tells me she smoked mirrawana. This is not what I wanted to hear 2 and half years younger she went to stay with her brother. I was not after her when we met enstead I was after her friend. I think she laid claim to me so her friend went the other way. Oh I still talked to her every once in awhile. Because I didn’t know how fast I could fall in love with her. The first date was all it took. after goimg to her brothers in Florida I took her and her mother down there, she came home thre weeks latter with ahicky on her neck said she burned it with atowel. 3wks past and then for the next 2 yrs it was brake up and make. the first time I was so strong but this took me down like a baby i cried for days but at the end of the 2 yrs i found out she had a date with another guy and he through our engagement ring out his car window she did not know I found out she had her story already laid out like a little child got in to her box and got it. So on our very last day together I let her go in moms so she could come out and tell me this crap then I told her what I knew told her I never wanted to see,hear or nothing from her. I started dating a girl who was really hot Icame clean with her about this and she left. didn’t want to hurt anyone else. So I started dating a girl and one year later was married. just before this the girl I was so crazy about called me I told never cal again said she was coming by anyway. never saw her. but my marriage lasted 9yrs and that was it. So I lived alone for 8yrs met another and 12yrs 6mths It abruptly came to an end while I was single though I came to peace with my first love. it was over she had 2 kids a great husband and oneday I told mom when we broke upthis would happen. He came home drunk beat her with an inch of her life she marrrieed again 4 about 3mths then Isaw her for a breaf moment and told her I would never Marry again Wel I did though about 6yrs latter she bought a new Harly never made it home, she went through someones windshield she was a exray tech. It took that very hospital 2 days just to Identify her. Meanwhile my two marriages left me with only this wore out old man that I’am tring to get my disability. I can’t hardly aford meds I need some Is out of the question. I’ve always worked hard don’t know if I will bearound the next 5yrs but I think its Ok Idon’t believe anew relatio ship would be good at all. Just tired bad memory troubles and think to slow to work anymore. Life in genral has beat me up mentally and fisaclly.If God calls me home I am ready, never gave up on anything before but I have had it now.
    Sincerly Randy

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