Your Numerology Forecast: Wishing for a Bit of Peace and Quiet

March 14 – 20, 2011

After a few days living with Uranus in Aries’ astrological pandemonium, you might be desperately wishing for a little peace and quiet so you can concentrate! This is actually a healthy impulse, because in order to make the most of what this Universal 7 Month offers, it’s important to regularly create time in which to think clearly and deeply, however that works for you.

On its own, the number 7 definitely prefers silence and solitude, but if that’s not what helps you clear your head, then do what works for you. Whether it’s free associating on your treadmill, getting inspired and energized by joining the throngs on a busy urban street, or floating quietly in water, make time for it regularly, and you’ll reap the bonanza of ideas, insights and analytical breakthroughs that are 7’s specialty.

These forecasts are even more useful if you learn your own numerology by checking out the helpful links at the end of this column!

Monday – Today is all about making loving commitments, with charming, sociable 3 casting a party glow over a free-flowing encounter between sweet Venus and pragmatic Saturn.

Tuesday – Under the influence of a close encounter between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter, and Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4), it will be as though the very air we breathe is charged with a superabundance of action-oriented ideas just waiting to be harvested. Particularly if you’re ready for change but haven’t been able to figure out how to make it happen, make sure you’re ready to record ideas the instant they whiz through your consciousness. Try to avoid actually starting projects until after 12:45 pm PDT today.

Wednesday – Restless, versatile number 5 will be right at home and ready to embark on an adventure into the future as yesterday’s abundance of brainstorms continues.

Thursday – You deserve a break today, and you might actually be able to make it happen with the help of the day’s nurturing Universal 6 energy.

Friday – The combination of Universal 7 Day and Month adds a Sherlock Holmes quality to your thinking. Mysteries are fascinating rather than frustrating. The light of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Virgo makes it even easier to decipher codes, unravel tangles and fashion the kind of subtle adjustments that make perfection possible.

Saturday – The Full Moon moment at 11:10 am PDT today may trigger a last look at changes seeded over the past year. The Universal 8 Day empowers you to build something lasting from what you’ve learned.

SundayWelcome the Spring Equinox today at 4:21 pm PDT. The momentary balance between feminine and masculine universal energies spills over into ardent, action-oriented Aries as spring’s green, growing time blossoms before our eyes.

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  1. Marian

    You advertise numerology forecasts but when I search for numerology on your site, the last entry is March, 2011…?

    Where can I get the numerology forecast?



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