Your Numerology Forecast: Calming and Stabilizing

May 9-15, 2011

After the increasingly hair-raising ride we’ve been on since mid-March, it’s a relief to welcome in the calming and stabilizing influence of Taurus (as more planets join the Sun in that sign), and to adopt the more impersonal, humanitarian perspective of this Universal 9 Month.

A Universal 9 Month is an extremely favorable time to bring things to completion since it stands at the end of the 1 to 9 mathematical cycle. In the Tarot, 9 is the Hermit (IX) and the Moon (XVIII, or 18, and 1+8=9). The Hermit retreats to his cave to gain wisdom by contemplating his experiences of 1 through 8; the Moon card is about completing karma and integrating all experience, good and bad, from past, present and future lives.

It’s not surprising, then, that the 9 vibration is the only one which is basically compatible with all the other numbers, including Master Numbers 11 and 22. While 9’s goals may occasionally clash with those of 2, 4 and 7, 9’s altruistic nature can always find a way through to cooperation.
Astrologically speaking, Mars (ego and action) steps out of the action hero mode of Aries and into steady, thoughtful, dependable Taurus. Mercury and Venus join Mars on Sunday, helping to calm our spiraling thoughts and stabilize the romantic rashness so typical of Aries. Midweek aspects combine to empower expansion and imagination, and negotiations are supported all week.

Monday – Today’s double 9 influence (Universal Day and Month) teams up with a cooperative connection between Venus (love and values) and Mercury (thoughts, communication) to create an outstanding opportunity to settle conflicts, begin new projects harmoniously, or end something on a graceful note.

Tuesday – Yesterday’s astrology is still in effect, and can add a layer of diplomacy to this Universal 1 Day’s take-no-prisoners enthusiasm.

Wednesday – Leave your credit cards home today! Fortunately quiet, relationship-oriented 2 will calm the extravagant inclinations of Mars entering Taurus and Venus (beauty, stuff) and Mercury (ideas) meeting expansive Jupiter. Diplomatic opportunities abound! Mars’ cooperative union with Neptune (imagination) is in effect today through Friday at least.

Thursday – This is a magically creative day, and one full of opportunity, so sales presentations, art and writing projects, query letters or pitches – basically, anything which requires imagination (Mars and Neptune) and charm (Universal 3 Day) – has a better than average chance to be successful.

Friday – This Universal 4 Day is all about getting it done, and knowing just how to do it.

Saturday – Get out and stretch your mind and legs on this Universal 5 Day!

Sunday – Universal 6 Days and Sundays seem to go hand in hand, with the shared ideal of closeness with family and community.

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  1. newmoon24

    I really loved this article. I’m a 9, who is a moon sign (and a bit of a hermit at times LOL). I totally had that “aha” moment. thanks.


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