Your Numerology Forecast: Things Feel More Stable

May 30-June 5, 2011

Are you ready for a (mostly) smoother ride? Finally, after the extreme unpredictability of the past couple of months, you should begin to notice that things not only feel more stable, but that it’s also easier generate and act on changes and new ideas.

Monday and Tuesday are the final days of a Universal 9 Month, an excellent time to polish off modifications and complete projects. You’re going to want to be free of clutter and distractions in order to take full advantage of June’s Universal 1 influence, always the best time to forge into the future (even more so when it’s your personal number).

The New Moon in Gemini Wednesday, and Mercury’s trip through the same sign beginning Thursday mean that through the 17th terrific ideas should be as plentiful and as easy to harvest as leaves in the fall. However, fuzzy, misleading Neptune’s extra-strong and disorienting influence this week suggests that you double check all ideas early next week.

Best of all, beginning Saturday, inventions, business startups, expansion or reorganization, new relationships, major purchases and financial activities in general will be blessed by the opportunity for slow expansion from a stable, enduring platform which is the hallmark of Jupiter in Taurus. The economy should begin a slow, dependable recovery.

Monday – If you get the U.S. Memorial Day holiday, the Universal 3 Day’s sunny, expansive influence will add pleasure to any outing. At work, creative juices should flow freely, so take notes.

Tuesday – It’s best to use today for planning rather than action, avoiding the “black hole” effect of a Void of Course Moon lasting from 8:37 am to 4:56 pm PDT. Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4) and this last day of the Universal 9 Month encourage you to brainstorm on the transformation of structures.

Wednesday – Welcome to June, an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, go-getting Universal 1 Month. In addition to 1’s influence, this part of the week benefits from a very productive connection between the Sun (self) and Saturn (structure and diligence). The New Moon in Gemini at 2:03 pm PDT is the ignition point for a flood of ideas, and this Universal 2 Day encourages sharing them with loved ones.

Thursday – Another charming, ingenious Universal 3 Day teams up with Mercury’s entry into Gemini at 1:03 pm PDT, opening the floodgates of creativity. Ideas start bursting out of thin air like popcorn. Grab the ideas, but don’t use them yet.

Friday – You think you’re standing on solid, practical Universal 4 ground today, but a difficult meeting between mental Mercury and distracted Neptune, amped up further as Neptune stands still before turning retrograde, means you may be standing on your imagination instead.

Saturday – Suddenly you’ll feel able to see clearly (intro), since Universal 5’s no-bull insightfulness is boosted by a cooperative meeting between Mercury (mind) and Uranus (brilliant ideas).

Sunday – Take a deep breath and let yourself relax into the friendly, homebody busy-ness of this Universal 6 Day.

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