Your Numerology Forecast: Clarify, Then Act

May 23 – 29, 2011

This week you have the opportunity to clarify and then act on the new perspectives which have undoubtedly been triggered by this Universal 9 Month, and its rather rowdy and confusing astrology.

Humans instinctively fear change, and since 9 marks the end of a cycle, and endings always signal change, you may find yourself resisting what you know you need to do, and still trying to think of ways to cling to what you know you must let go of, whether it’s personal or professional, spiritual or material.

However, when you’re facing the combined influences of a 9 Universal Month and the kick-ass energies of radical Uranus in take-no-prisoners Aries, resistance really is futile. If you don’t make the necessary changes yourself, circumstances will force the issue, and probably do it far more painfully and disruptively than if you’d handled things yourself.

If you want to make the most of the week’s astrology and numerology, Friday and Saturday are the best days to act, with Friday the best day for endings, and Saturday for starting anew.

Fuzziness left over from yesterday’s dizzying encounter between the Sun (self) and Neptune (inspiration and deception) may make it difficult for you to fully understand relationship insights which emerge Monday, but on Tuesday the sudden, life-changing impact of a cooperative meeting between the Sun and Uranus should make it all very clear.

Last but not least, plan to defer contracts, major purchases and important business moves from 11:15 am PDT on the 25th through 5:36 pm PDT on the 26th, using the Void of Course Moon for contemplation rather than action.

Monday – Transformational energies emanating from Karma Number 14/5 and an intimate encounter between Venus (love and values) and Mars (ego, sex drive) create stirrings deep within. Try to defer acting till later this week.

Tuesday – You may find your usual 6 Universal Day coziness interrupted by the occasional startling flashes of insight. Write them down for later and go back to enjoying friends and family.

Wednesday – Take care of business before 11:15 am PDT, and then follow the natural inclinations of this introverted Universal 7 Day to find a quiet corner to think.

Thursday – Once again the frustrating combination of a hard-charging Universal 8 Day and the astrological black hole known as a Void of Course Moon can thwart your best laid plans. Rather than acting, put that business expertise to work on planning.

Friday – The wise depths of today’s double 9 (Day/Month) influence can be boosted into action by the day’s energetic Aries Moon. A good day for letting go and endings.

Saturday – If you cleared the space yesterday by letting go, the startup zeal of this Universal 1 Day creates an unbeatable opportunity to move forward on dreams and new ideas.

Sunday – Quiet, serene and caring 2 invites you to go within, count your blessings and then share them with loved ones.

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